Make sure you start the right guys, and that starts by checking out my sit and start recommendations. If you are one of the owners dealing with under performers, bye weeks, or injuries and you need help figuring out who to start, I am here to help. If the guy you are stressing over is not on this list feel free to hit me up at @mikekelleydlp with any additional sit/start questions you might have. Or you can join my Facebook Group, Dynasty League Problems and be a part of the conversation. Good luck this week to everyone, unless I am playing in one of my leagues.


NoHalftime START of the Week:

QB Jay Cutler (CHI)

After being out for five weeks Cutler finally got his job back only to have to face the Vikings. He actually help his own that week and led the Bears to victory. While his numbers were not great, they were pretty solid. Following that game the Bears had their bye week giving Cutler a little extra time to get some reps in and rebuild some chemistry. I think the Bears and Cutler are both ready to move on from each other and since the Bears don’t really have anyone else to start over Cutler, he gets to audition. This week he auditions against the Bucs, who have been giving up plenty of yards to opposing teams. Between Cutler trying to prove something and the Bucs being near dead last against opposing quarterbacks, we have a nice spot start for Cutler here. He could easily throw for over 300 yards with multiple touchdowns. I have never been a huge fan of Cutler, but given the situation I think he is a great start this week.

NoHalftime SIT of the Week:

QB Colin Kaepernick (S.F.)

For the life of I cannot figure out why people think this guy is a valid NFL quarterback. Last week Kaep actually threw for 398 yards and two touchdowns, but let us consider two things here. First the Saints suck on defense. Second his two touchdown passes went for 65 and 47 yards, which sound good but do you know how many yards that traveled forward in the air? Minus one. The 65 yard pass to McDonald was a three yard pass that McDonald turned up the sideline and ran 62 yards untouched for the touchdown. The 47 yard touchdown pass was actually a screen to Harris four yards behind the line of scrimmage that he took 51 yards up the sideline for a touchdown, again untouched. That means 30 percent of Kaep passing yards came on those two plays that the ball traveled minus one yard in the air.  Now this week he goes against one the leagues top pass defense so I do not see those kinds of plays happening, and without those plays Kaep becomes a very bad quarterback to start.


START Andy Dalton (CIN)

Last year many people were down on Dalton, and I was not one of those people. I knew with a full compliment of weapons he would flourish, and until he got hurt he was a top five quarterback. This year many people were down on him again, and with a very logical reason, he lost a lot of those weapons. To his credit he still has managed to start a low end QB1 and I think it is about to go up some. For probably the first time all year he has all of his weapons healthy and playing well. This week if faces off against a decent Giants defense and with all of his weapons I can see him throwing for over 275 yards and at least two touchdowns. So far the only defense to really slow down Dalton has been the Bronco’s, and they seem to have a knack for slowing down QB’s. I would be starting Dalton with confidence this week.


SIT Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ)

For the love of God, can we please put this idea that Fitzpatrick is a quarterback that can lead a team to success behind us. In fairness to Fitz, the Jets have had a pretty rough schedule so I don’t want to pin the wins and loses directly on him, but all things considered he has not been a good quarterback this year. He has looked like a career backup, which is exactly what most people have thought of him as. The Jets would be better off seeing what Bryce Petty can do, and hopefully that starts as early as this week. Even if Fitz starts this week I would not start him at all. Even in a super flex spot, I just don’t see this going well for him this weekend. Because even if he does start, I don’t think he will finish the game this week.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Jordan Howard (CHI)

Three weeks ago Jordan Howard struggled against a very good Packers defense and people were getting concerned that maybe he was not as good as we thought. Then the next week he went off on the Vikings, another good defensive team. Now after the Bears bye week the visit Tampa Bay in a game that could feature plenty of offense. Over 120 yards of total offense for Howard and at least one trip to the end zone is very likely for him. Since taking over as starter for the Bears he has had only one game where he did not break double digits in points, and I expect that trend to continue.


SIT DeMarco Murray (TEN)

Murray is having a great year. On pace for over 1,800 yards from scrimmage and 16 total touchdowns. This week though could be his toughest match up of the year to date. The Packers have been one of the toughest teams to run on. In fact only Ezekiel Elliott has really had a good game against them and he has done that to just about every team he has faced this year. Add in the fact that Murray is a little banged up as well and it is just not a good situation for him this weekend. Avoid him if you can, but if you have to start him don’t expect the numbers you have grown accustomed too. I don’t see him break 80 total yards and I expect him to be held out of the end zone for only the third time this year.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START Stefon Diggs (MIN)

In the last two week Diggs has turned 27 targets into almost 44 points in PPR formats. It looks like Bradford has found his go to guy in this offense and the new offense is ready to open up a little more than usual. I know a lot of people are worried about Josh Norman covering Diggs, but I am not one of those people. Normally I would say Norman can’t cover man to man, but this is a situation that I think he could. While Diggs is a good receiver, he is not a top receiver. The advantage he has here though is that Diggs lines up all over the formation and the Vikings move him around so they can help get Diggs the ball. Because he moves around so much I don’t think Norman will be following him around too often, but rather go back to guarding his comfortable cover two patch of grass. Diggs value will come in his volume again this week like his last two games. He should push double digit receptions and 100 yards. He might not find the end zone, but if he does it will be icing on the cake for him.


SIT Brandon Cooks(N.O.)

The Broncos have done a great job at limiting teams number one receivers through nine weeks and in week 10 I don’t expect anything different from them. Cooks has only gone over 100 yards twice this year and I do not see this weekend being his third trip over 100. In PPR leagues he still might go over 10 points, but it won’t be by much. I can see Cooks being held to five receptions for 60 yards and no trips to pay dirt.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Dennis Pitta (BAL)

Jason Witten just went 8/134/1 against the Browns. Back in week two Pitta had his best game of the year and went 9/102 against those same Browns. As you can probably guess this week Pitta faces those same Browns, and should be able to reproduce similar number again this week against the worst team in the league at stopping tight ends. Pitta should have no trouble bringing in eight receptions for 70 yards and at least one touchdown.


SIT Vance McDonald (S.F.)

Last week McDonald put up over 17 PPR points. If you breakdown it down though 13.5 came on one play, a 65 yard touchdown, which was actually a three yard pass that he took to the house. Outside of the touchdown he was worth 3.9 points. This week he faces off against the Cardinals who are best in the league at stopping opposing tight ends. Don’t be fooled by the output and don’t expect more than three receptions for more than 30 yards.

Other SITS:


START Arizona Cardinals

They are playing the 49ers do I really have to say more?


  • Baltimore Ravens
  • San Diego Chargers

SIT Philadelphia Eagles

They have been good all year, but the Falcons look like they have complete command of the offense. The Eagles might slow them down, but I don’t think they can stop them.

Other SITS:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Seattle Seahawks

Michael Kelley is a member of the Going For 2 team. You can check out his website Dynasty League Problems for more writings or find him on Twitter @mikekelleydlp spreading fantasy knowledge for the masses.

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