Make sure you start the right guys, and that starts by checking out my sit and start recommendations. If you are one of the owners dealing with under performers, bye weeks, or injuries and you need help figuring out who to start, I am here to help. If the guy you are stressing over is not on this list feel free to hit me up at @mikekelleydlp with any additional sit/start questions you might have. Or you can join my Facebook Group, Dynasty League Problems and be a part of the conversation. Good luck this week to everyone, unless I am playing in one of my leagues.


NoHalftime START of the Week:

QB Marcus Mariota (TEN)

Mariota is playing at a QB1 level right now, and there is nothing the Colts defense can do that will change that this week. He has been about as efficient as one can be. He has 19 touchdowns, 2 are rushing, in the last six weeks, and only 3 interceptions in that span. He is completing 68 percent of his passes and his passer rating is over 120 in that same span. If you have Mariota he is a must start for you. He is way to hot to consider sitting at this point. I imagine he will cool down at some point, but I don’t think that point is this week, and it might not be until after his week 13 bye.

NoHalftime SIT of the Week:

RB Ryan Mathews (PHI)

Mathews has been one of the more frustrating players this year. Just when everyone was ready to write him off, he goes off against the Falcons to a tune of 109 yards and two touchdowns. Well I am still not buying into him, and not just because they are playing a touch Seattle defense this week. I am always suspect of players that rely on touchdowns for success, and Mathews is that very definition. 48 of his 106 PPR scoring points are a result of touchdowns. He has only broke 100 total yards once and four of his nine games have resulted in 35 or less total yards. So despite his eight total touchdowns, I have no interest in start Mathews against a team that has only given up six total touchdowns to running backs.


START Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)

Roethlisberger has a great game against the Cowboys, unfortunately his defense did not. A few weeks ago Big Ben was hurt and missed a game which was followed with the team’s bye week. His first game back against the Ravens started out slow but he finished strong and carried that over the next week against the Cowboys. I fully expect that it continues this week against the Browns who are one of the leagues worst defenses. The Steelers are desperate for win to stay in the race for the division and unfortunately for the Browns they are next on the list. This game should easily produce a lot of points for Big Ben and company. Freely start just about any Steeler you have on your roster.


SIT Jared Goff (L.A.)

The Jared Goff era is about to start for the Rams, and no one in their right mind should be starting him this week. Forget about the excitement or the possibilities, starting Goff would be extremely risky. Just go back and look at his preseason performance, they were simply put terrible. The only reason why I think they are doing this now is because the next two weeks might be the only chances he has at doing well. He gets the Dolphins followed by the Saints next week, and then after that he has the Patriots, Falcons, Seahawks, 49ers, and the Cardinals. Yeah I see the 49ers too, but the rest of those games are not going to be very fun for Goff. So I think he is now to give him a fighting chance for a few weeks before it gets too hard. Bottom line is to stay away from him and wait to see how he does. Let someone else gamble on him this week.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Spence Ware (K.C.)

In his first game back from injury Ware only managed 72 total yards of offense, and in his other six full games he is averaging 130 total yards a game. For some people this has drawn some concern, but to be fair his last game was against the Panthers who have had a very good year at stopping the run. This week he faces off against the Bucs, a team not really as good as the Panthers at stopping the run. Ware should easily go over the 100 total yard mark this week and get back to the production we were used to before he got injured a couple of weeks ago. If you have him use him as he will be the Chief’s primary back for the near future.


SIT Mark Ingram (N.O.)

Since being benched in week eight Ingram has been in a timeshare with Tim Hightower. While Ingram out touched Hightower 13 to 10 last week, the week before Hightower out touched Ingram 24 to 17. Regardless we are looking at a pretty close to even split between the two. Because it is an even split it is hard to rely on a back when you are facing a tough opponent like the Panthers. This is not a good situation for Ingram and his owners and it would be one I would try to avoid if possible.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START Sterling Shepard (NYG)

Shepard started the season hot then cooled off, which I think coincided with Victor Cruz‘s health. Early in the season Cruz was still working into game shape. As Cruz got better, Shepard’s number went down. Now in the last couple of weeks Cruz has been banged up and Shepards production has gone up too. Moral of the story is as long as Cruz is hobbled the better the outlook is for Shepard. This week the Giants take on a Bears defense that gives up plenty of passing yards and I expect Shepard will continue his little hot streak.


SIT Cole Beasley (DAL)

The Cowboys are the hottest team in the NFL right now. While Dez Bryant was out Beasley picked up the slack. Now Bryant is back and Ezekiel Elliott is running away with the rushing title, leaving little room for other offensive weapons. Those that have come to rely on Beasley’s production might be disappointed down the stretch. I have a feeling he will contribute just enough to stay on the radar but not enough to help you bring home the ship.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Cameron Brate (T.B.)

Despite the tough match up, I like Brate a lot this week. He has been one of Winston’s favorite targets all year, especially in the red zone. Brate has three touchdowns in his last three games and has put up double digit points in of those games. He should continue to server as Winston’s most trusted target and push double digit points again this week. So despite the match up against the Chiefs, I would start Brate with little concern.


SIT Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

Rudolph is on track for a career year in receptions and yards and on pace to match his career high in touchdowns. As long as he stays healthy he should reach all of those goals. In fact the only thing standing in his way is this weeks opponent the Cardinals. The Cardinals are first in every defensive category as it relates to defending tight ends. While I have been generally high on Rudolph, this week I am looking else where for my starting tight end.

Other SITS:


START Miami Dolphins

The defense has been playing well and as a bonus that get to face the Rams who are starting Jarred Goff for the first time.


  • New York Giants
  • New England Patriots

SIT Cleveland Browns

Big Ben and the Steelers need this game and should come out swinging, and that is never a good thing for a team and defense that is struggling.

Other SITS:

  • Tennessee Titans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars

Michael Kelley is a member of the Going For 2 team. You can check out his website Dynasty League Problems for more writings or find him on Twitter @mikekelleydlp spreading fantasy knowledge for the masses.
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