If this week is your championship hopefully you do not need too much help, but just in case you do I am here for you. Be sure to check out my recommendations to help you through this week. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @mikekelleydlp with any additional sit/start questions you might have. Or you can join my Facebook Group, Dynasty League Problems and be a part of the conversation.


NoHalftime START of the Week:

QB Andrew Luck (IND)

I really thought last week was going to tough sledding for Luck but he actually did a pretty good job of carving up the Vikings defense. This week he faces off against the Raiders who have been pretty generous to opposing offenses. The Colts are hanging on by a thread to make the playoffs and a win this week is a must for them to keep those hopes alive. So we have a good quarterback going against a suspect defense where they need to win to stay alive. Sounds like a recipe for a good game. Start Luck this week and enjoy his 300 plus yards and multiple touchdowns.

NoHalftime SIT of the Week:

QB Trevor Siemian (DET)

In Siemian’s last three starts he has thrown for 1,002 yards and completed over 63 percent of his passes and only thrown one interception. What hurts is he has only thrown four touchdowns in those games and more importantly the Bronco’s have lost all three. In 12 games Siemian has only thrown 16 touchdowns and that won’t cut it. Especially when the running game is struggling as well. The last time Siemian played the Chiefs he had a very good game, but still lost. This time the game is in K.C. and the Chiefs need the win to remain in the running for winning the division and getting a bye. I think this time the Chiefs shut down Siemian.


START Matt Barkley (CHI)

I know Barkley had four turnovers last week and that hurt a lot, but he did complete 70% of his passes and threw for 362 yards and two touchdowns. Not bad at all. This week he faces a Redskins team that has been getting burned in its secondary on a regular basis. So I say why not. The game could easily by high scoring and the more the Redskins score the more Barkley will be throwing the ball. You gotta love guys that have nothing to lose and are forced to throw often. They might have some turnovers, but they also get big plays. In a two QB or desperate for a stream start I would strongly consider Barkley.


SIT Blake Bortles (JAC)

If you look closely Bortles number from this year to last year a very close. In fact yards and touchdowns are the only numbers that are off. The yards are off by 600 and the touchdowns are off by 11. So the question is why is Bortles having such a bad year and why are they talking about benching him when last year it looked like he was saving the franchise? From what I can tell its the long ball. He is not landing his deep passes. If want something to support that idea look no further than Allen Robinson, whose targets and receptions are close to last years numbers, but yards and touchdowns are way down. Also his yards per catch is down over six yards. So is it play calling, game situation, or just out of sync? What ever it is you cannot rely on Bortles right now.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Todd Gurley (L.A.)

Is this the week Gurley finally goes over 100 yards? Playing against the leagues worst run defense, I sure hope so. I mean the 49ers are giving up 187 yards from scrimmage to running backs and if Gurley can’t manage 100 on the ground, the Rams are in worse shape than many thought. Watching the Rams a few times this year and seeing how little running room Gurley has had a year I feel for the guy. I am banking on this weekend he gets the chance to remind us why so many people were calling him a top three RB this off season.


SIT Justin Forsett (DEN)

Forsett has not taken the job from Devontae Booker, but rather Booker has failed to secure the job. To be fair to Booker, Denver has had pathetic QB play and spotty o-line play. Forsett has the starting job right now because he has great hands and hopefully he can create some space for the offense to operate. That said, until the unit plays better as a whole there won’t be much value in the backfield in Denver. Just stay away.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START DeAndre Hopkins (Team)

So if by some small miracle you are still alive in the fantasy playoffs and you have Hopkins on your team, this is the week you should put him back in the lineup. Not that Tom Savage is some super upgrade at QB, he did do one thing right that Brock Osweiler has been getting wrong all year. Just throw the damn ball to Nuk. Nuk has some of the best hands in the NFL and you have to give him a chance to make plays for you. If last week is any
indication, Nuk should get plenty of targets this week and might even pull in double digit receptions for over 100 yards.


SIT Rishad Matthews (TEN)

I think Matthews is have a very productive year. He is not lighting the world on fire and he has been very consistent most of the year and his seven trips to the end zone has helped his number a lot. This week though he faces a tough Jacksonville secondary. The last time he played Jacksonville he had four receptions for 38 yards and was only saved by a TD. His receptions and yardage might be about the same, but with no TD he hurts you this week.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Zach Ertz (PHI)

In Ertz young career he has had some of his best games against the Giants. Even if he was not playing the Giants Ertz would still be here. He has been Wentz most reliable receiver in the second half of the season. In the last seven weeks, the last time he played the Giants, Ertz has scored double digits in PPR leagues every week but one. I expect nothing to change this week. I see Ertz getting 7 receptions for 80 yards.


SIT Jordan Reed (WAS)

I see it year after year, when a receiver or tight end hurts their shoulder they struggle to make receptions. It happened to Jimmy Graham a few years ago, Randall Cobb last year, and now Reed is having shoulder problems. When you can’t raise your arms comfortably to catch a ball it makes it really hard. I would avoid Reed the rest of way, his should needs time to heal for him to be his old self.

Other SITS:


START Kansas City Chiefs

The Broncos offense has been sputtering lately and a game at Arrowhead is never the cure for an offense to get back on track.


  • Seattle Seahawks

SIT Carolina Panthers

The Falcons have gone over 80 points the last two week and the last time they played the Panthers they tacked on over 500 yards of offense. I think we are in for more of the same.

Other SITS:

  • New York Jets

Michael Kelley is a member of the Going For 2 team. You can check out his website Dynasty League Problems for more writings or find him on Twitter @mikekelleydlp spreading fantasy knowledge for the masses.

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