With one quarter of the season in the books it seems like many owners are looking at their record and saying how am I the third highest scorer, but one and three? Sometimes the fantasy god’s just don’s smile on you, and is seems this year the gods are some real Debbie Downers. Well its not too late to turn your season around and it starts with starting the right guys. So check out my sit and start recommendations and get your team back on the right path. If you are one of the owners dealing with under performs or injuries and you need help figuring out who to start, I am here to help. If the guy you are stressing over is not on this list feel free to hit me up at @mikekelleydlp with any additional sit/start questions you might have. Good luck this week to everyone, unless I am playing in one of my leagues.


NoHalftime START of the Week:

QB Tom Brady (NE)

Cleveland I am sorry. Just hold onto that NBA championship real tight this weekend, because your football team might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brady who I am sure is itching take his anger out on someone for his recent suspension is back this week. That alone is enough to warrant some real concern for the Browns. To make matters worse Buffalo just humiliated the Patriots this past weekend. We all saw how pissed Bill Bilichick was and that poor surface tablet took the brunt of it on that day. So between a pissed coach, a fired up quarterback, and a defense that has not really stopped anyone we are looking at the perfect storm here. Brady might not turn around to had the ball off at all this weekend. He just might throw 60 passes on Sunday. I think Brady puts up over 300 yards and throws for three or four touchdowns. So good luck Cleveland and rest assured basketball season is right around the corner.

NoHalftime SIT of the Week:

QB Matt Ryan (ATL)

I so desperately did not want to put Ryan here, but I cannot ignore these numbers. Cam Newton scored 19 points week one, Andrew Luck scored nine points week two, Andy Dalton scored nine points week three, and Jameis Winston scored 10 points week 4. Those are all quarterbacks that can score with the best of them, and three of them were 10 or less points. I love Ryan and I have been saying since the summer starting week four Ryan will be trending down, and boy was I wrong last week, and I so want to be wrong this week too, but I just can’t ignore the numbers. I do think the Falcons are playing well right now and that could mean a better performance than some of the other attempts against the Bronco’s, but I don’t think it will be enough to remove him from this list. I see Ryan throwing for around 250 yards with one touchdown and one interception.  If you are planning on riding the hot hand, which I don’t blame you for trying, just try to be reasonable in your expectations.


START Ben Roethlisberger  (PIT)

Which quarterback loves throwing the deep ball the most? That’s right Big Ben. Which team has been getting burnt on the deep ball the most? Right again, the Jets. As luck would have it Big Ben is facing off against the Jets this week. The only hope the Jets have in stopping the deep pass is to get to him before the deep routes can develop, if not we could see pretty big numbers. The Jets secondary has been torched by every quarterback they have faced so far this season. By the way that list includes Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith, who are two quarterbacks not known for lighting up a secondary. I see Big Ben throwing for at least 350 yards and three touchdowns this week. If you have him start him.


SIT Sam Bradford (MIN)

Bradford took over the starting quarterback job after only being in the system for two weeks, and that is no easy task for a quarterback. In those three games he has been solid at best, and I don’t think it will get much better most weeks. This week is certainly one of those weeks I don’t think it gets better. He faces a Houston Texans defense that has been very hard on quarterbacks this season. They are first or second in yards, touchdowns, and fantasy points allowed. This week Bradford struggles to top 200 yards and maybe throws one touchdown. I would definitely look in another direction for a quarterback if you are streaming.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Jordan Howard (CHI)

With John Fox’s proclamation that the Bears will continue to ride Howard, and the favorable match-up against the Colts, Howard is a must start this week. Howard is showing he is a capable three down back. Jeremy Langford failed as a lead back and it only took three weeks for Howard to come in and steal the job from him. Brian Hoyer and Howard have seem to sparked a team that had started out flat this year and as long as they are both playing, the Bears seem to be better. As crazy as this season has been I looking for any hot player and I plan on using that player as often as possible until they cool off and right now Howard is one of those players. I think Howard can get 20 plus carries for at least 110 yards and one touchdown.


SIT Eddie Lacy (GB)

Before the Packers bye two weeks ago, Lacy turned in one of his best running performances in almost a year. He managed 103 yards on 17 carries, but did not find the end zone. He also added one catch for two yards. Despite the 6.1 yards per carry average he only managed to score 11.5 points. Factor in that the Giants are one of the better run defenses this year and things do not look good for Lacy. He may find a way to get 14 carries for 65 yards. Maybe pull in a reception or two but not likely for any substantial amount of yards. Avoid Lacy if you can, and if not don’t expect double digits unless he hits pay dirt.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START Julio Jones (ATL)

Last week the number one question I fielded was regarding Jones and I have a feeling this week it might be the same. Last week I did not waiver one time and told everyone to start Jones. Granted I did not see 12/300/1 coming but I did believe he would put up typical WR1 points like had in the past against the Panthers. This week he faces the vaunted Bronco’s defense which has been outstanding this season. In PPR leagues I will not except any justification for benching Jones, in standard leagues I will listen to an argument to sit him then say, that’s nice, now start Jones. I will acknowledge his number will likely be down compared to what we are used too, but Atlanta’s is hot and have more balance then I have seen in a long time. I can easily see Jones hauling in eight receptions for 90 yards. I know that is down from his 22 points per game average, but 17 points is still a nice afternoon from one of your receivers. I have more faith Jones gets close to 17 over your WR3 or 4 pulling in 12 this weekend.


SIT Michael Floyd (ARI)

Floyd is facing the 49ers on Thursday night football and he should be in line for a good game. Two problems though. First he is not have a good year at all. Currently averaging 10.25 PPR points per game and that does not even put him in the top 50 in wide receivers. The second problem is Carson Palmer suffered a concussion last week and has been ruled out for Thursday night’s game, meaning the starting quarterback will be Drew Stanton. Yes the same Stanton that did that awesome side line jig last year against Seattle. Stanton is a serviceable backup but he has proven again and again he is not a starter. So with Floyd not playing well, Stanton in for Palmer, and Brown out playing him, I see no reason to start Floyd until he turns things around. If you are lucky Floyd steals a touchdown, but if he does not I think we are looking at three receptions for less than 20 yards.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Zach Ertz (PHI)

Ertz is finally healthy and got a full practice in this week. He was one of Carson Wentz‘s favorite targets in week one and should resume that role this week against Detroit. The Lions have struggled against tight ends this year and are second to last in fantasy points allowed to tight ends. Ertz is in a tight end friendly offense going against a tight end friendly defense and could easily catch seven balls for 90 yards and one touchdown.


SIT Eric Ebron (DET)

Ebron is having a decent season. He is averaging 4.5 receptions and 52.5 yards. Very consistent, but nothing to excite you. This week he faces the Eagles who currently are the number one team against tight ends. The are giving up 17.3 yards a game and zero touchdowns. That is a pretty impressive stat line. With the Lions currently struggling on offense and the Eagles red hot on defense I am staying a way from Detroit players this week. I see the Eagles hold Ebron to 3 catches for 25 yards and zero touchdowns this weekend.

Other SITS:


START Pittsburgh Steelers

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a turnover machine and if the Steelers can build an early lead and force the Jets to rely on the passing game, they could create some interceptions and sack opportunities for their defense. The Steelers might give up some yards and even points, but they should get the interceptions and sacks to make up for that. The Steelers are a great option if you have been streaming your defense this season.


  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Los Angeles Rams

SIT Cleveland Browns

See explanation on why Tom Brady is the start of the week. It applies here too.

Other SITS:

  • New York Jets
  • San Diego Chargers

Michael Kelley is a member of the Going For 2 team. You can check out his website Dynasty League Problems for more writings or find him on Twitter @mikekelleydlp spreading fantasy knowledge for the masses.

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