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2017 Fantasy Football Breakout Running Back – Isaiah Crowell

Twenty-two is the number of RBs that went ahead of Isaiah Crowell in the 2014 NFL Draft. Due to some off-field issues, he went undrafted. Some might be asking why does this matter for fantasy football?

Staying hungry and humbled.

When a player is hungry to prove other wrongs, they do whatever they can to prove them wrong. He is going to try to do it this year. While he will show 32 teams, including the Cleveland Browns, why he deserved to be drafted ahead of a lot of the RBs in the 2014 draft.

I will break down why I think Isaiah Crowell is this year’s break out RB of 2017.

As weird as it sounds, yes a Cleveland RB is relevant this year and is about to be a top 10 RB. There I said it. TOP 10 RB! I didn’t hesitate either. A lot of hype from head coach Hue Jackson and Offensive RB Coach being talked about in the offseason. Here are some quote

Head Coach Cleveland Brown Hue Jackson-

“Coach Hue Jackson said he’s committed to running the ball more in 2017.”

“Go look at my film,” Jackson said, indicating that his history has always been to run the ball. He also believes Isaiah Crowell can “take it to another level” this season after rushing for 952 yards and seven touchdowns on 198 carries (4.8 YPC) last season, and the running back agrees, saying he is in for a “monster year.”

“The guy had almost 1,000 yards a year ago when I didn’t hand him the ball,” Jackson said. “What can he have if I do hand him the ball?”

“Have to run the ball more,” Jackson said. “I will be the first to tell you that. I am a coach that likes to run the ball.”

“I think Crowell is poised for a big year,” Jackson said. “He deserves it.”

That’s a lot of hype right? Hype is a word we hear a lot around in sport. Just like Boobie Miles say in the movie “Friday Night Light”

Reporter: Should we believe the hype?
Boobie Miles: What hype?
Reporter: The hype about Boobie Miles.
Boobie Miles: Now hype is something that’s not for-real. I’m all real.

Well, I believe the same thing could be said for Crowell. As he about to prove he all real.

Let’s begin the breakdown of why I’m so high on Crowell.

Top 3  Reason I’m all in on him.

3. He breaks tackles.

3.18 yards after contact per carry, out of running backs that carried the ball at least 165 times. That put him 2nd in the NFL in best for YAC. Number 1 being Ajayi. Let’s be real though those 200 yard’s game were huge for him.  The best part of his ability to break tackle is the yard he gets. He has 16 runs of 15  yard or more. Which is best for 4th in the league among RB.  One thing I love about my RB is the ability to break tackles and get long runs.  If you watch his ability to run you will see how he so shifty and strong he is.

For you PPR fanatic that is wondering how he could be in PPR. He offers great value as well. He has improved every year on PPR value.

2014 – 9 receptions
2015- 19 receptions
2016- 40 receptions

I wouldn’t count out 50-60 receptions this year out his potential. He has the potential.  Even with Duke Johnson there.  Give you an idea what 40 reception was last year in a PPR. It’s 17th most reception of all the RB. that’s more than the following RB. Lamar Miller, Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard.  Not a bad field of RB to have more reception then. As all those guys will go ahead of him.
Pro Fantasy Focus










2. The addition to the WR/TE/QB Upgrade (possibly)

I always said if you surround your team with good weapons it makes the team running game more respected. I’m not saying Deshone Kizer, Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler are great or even good QB. I’m saying someone has to step up. I like Deshonze Kizer to step up and hope he starts. If he starts it will help Crowell. Kizer has the ability to scramble. Kizer got 18 rushing TD and 997 yards during his 2 years at Notre Dame. If Osweiler QB, I will PUKE!

WR- The addition of one underrated WR Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman being 100 %. I think they can move the ball more effectively. The teams will have to respect the passing game more.  Corey Coleman was a touted high draft pick for a reason and he will show it this year.

TE-David Njoku 1st round pick

Just watch this video. This guy is a FREAK. Another way to open up the running game is having a freak TE. As well one that can do both. Block and Receive.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs8Xq0Xm0Oc[/embedyt]

1. His Offensive line

Well here is about 50 % of the reason I’m all in on Crowell. No not the one from last year that was bad.  30th overall Per Football Outsiders. This year the Browns didn’t’ shy away from forking up some serious money for their offensive line upgrade.  49 Millions dollar line, making them the most expensive O-Line in the NFL.

Adding to the O-line Kevin Zeitler and JC Tretter to help pro-bowl left tackle, Joe Thomas, and  Joel Bitonio being healthy this year. Will be a massive upgrade. How big of an upgrade do you ask me?

Pro Fantasy Focus has them ranked as the 2nd best offensive line. Yes better than the Dallas Cowboys. We all know what RB do with the great offensive line? Just look at Zeke. Or just look at Darren McFadden when he ran behind that offensive line.

Crowell was breaking tackles left and right behind a line that was ranked 30th overall. Imagine what he going to do behind a 2nd ranked improved offensive line. The sky is the limit like they say.

Conclusion :

Isaiah Crowell- this is for both Standard and PPR. I’m high on him in both.

Dynasty League- Buy Low on him, And do it ASAP before the hype gets real

Redraft League PPR or Standard – ADP RB17, Going behind the likes of Joe Mixon, Carlos Hyde, Mark Ingram, Ty Montgomery, Christian McCaffery, Leonard Fournette. I’ll be gladly taking Crowell ahead of all those RB.

If I couldn’t convince you, Crowell, to be your break out RB this year. I don’t know what will.  I leave and finish this write-up with a very nice highlight of his runs last year. Remember this is behind a line ranked 30th overall.

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