Last week of having to deal with players on bye. This week we are left without players from the Panthers, Colts, Jets, and 49ers. So in all honestly you should not be hurting to bad this week. I know there are still some pretty good scorers on that list, but lets be real not that many. If you have questions about how to start in their place, be sure to check out my sit and starts to help make those crucial decisions before game time. Remember if you have any other sit start questions you can hit me up in my Facebook group Dynasty League Problems or on twitter @MikeKelleyDLP Good luck this week.

The LootCrate START of the Week:

QB Derek Carr (OAK)

Derek Carr
OAKLAND, CA – DECEMBER 07: Derek Carr #4 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers at Coliseum on December 7, 2014 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Oakland was a favorite to be a high producing offense this year and do date they have left a lot of people disappointed. This week however should be more like what we were expecting from them this year. Coming off the bye the Raiders will play host to the Patriots. With neither team playing well on defense there should be plenty of opportunity to score in bunches. I think Carr is looking at over 300 passing yards with at least two touchdowns this week. Start him with confidence.

The LootCrate SIT of the Week:

RB Alfred Morris (DAL)

For some reason a lot of people think Morris played well last week. If you look at his stats and you see 11 carries for 53 yards that is pretty good. They need to give him the ball more. Well I disagree. If you look at his carries closely you will see two of the 11 were for a loss and three of the 11 went for 14, 20, and 11. That is three carries for 45 yards and eight carries for eight yards. Then if you go back and look at those three good carries they all came on three tight end sets. The Cowboys are not going to run three tight end sets all day just so Morris can get some yards, he needs to do better and with the Eagles in town I just don’t see that happening. Look for around 12 carries for less than 40 yards this week. The only thing that could save him is a big pass play ending inside the five and he gets a goal line touchdown.


START Blaine Gabbert (Team)

At the time of me writing this article it looks like Gabbert is starting, but Drew Stanton had not been ruled out yet so obviously this only applies if Gabbert starts. I actually like Gabbert a lot. I think he is a solid quarterback that has been in crappy situation after crappy situation his whole career. So if he gets to start this week this might be the best opportunity he has ever had, despite the Cards playing without David Johnson. He still has Adrian Peterson who should have a bounce back game. He has Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown who are probably better than any combo he has ever had. The Cards also have some other weapons that are pretty solid too. So bottom line here is Gabbert has a shot to show what he can do if he gets the start this weekend. If he gets the start I can see him throwing for 275 yards and a couple of touchdowns. He might have an interception as well.


SIT Brett Hundley (GB)

Hundley got his first win last week against a struggling Bears team. While he managed zero turnovers he still only attempted 25 passes. He did complete 18 of them for 215 yards and a touchdown, but the message is clear that the Packers are not going to win on Hundley’s arm. This week the Packers face off against the Ravens who are coming off a bye and touting one of the leagues best pass defenses. There are plenty of good quarterbacks I would consider sitting against the Ravens, let alone a backup that has not looked all that great in four weeks of action. I would be surprised if Hundley goes over 225 yards and finds the end zone short of a receiver taking a short pass to the house.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Duke Johnson (CLE)

Duke Johnson, Fantasy Football
Getty Images

I know the Jaguars defense is playing great this year, but if there is one area that they seem to struggle in is stopping running backs. Especially running backs coming out of the backfield to make catches. Which is actually what Duke does best. I am not anticipating a huge day on the ground, but I do think he will have plenty of opportunity to produce in the passing game this week. Last week Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon combined for 10 receptions 92 yards and two touchdowns against the Jags. While Duke might not get the two touchdowns, he could get eight to 10 receptions for 80 plus yards. Throw in some yards on the ground and the decent shot at a touchdown and Duke could be a top back in PPR this week.


SIT Samaje Perine (WAS)

Rob Kelley is out again and Perine is starting. Perine has flashed some potential this year and has also shown some inability as well. While the volume potential is there for Perine, lets not overlook how good the Saints defense has looked this year. Even if Perine finds running room early the Saints should be able to score often causing the Redskins to shift to a more passing attack to keep up with the Saints. While Perine might see close to 20 carries I do not see more than 60 yards for him, with a slim shot at a touchdown.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START Amari Cooper (OAK)

nfl fanduel value picks week 9 2017I am really high on Cooper this week. Not sure he goes off like he did against the Chiefs, but this could easily be his second best game of the year. If fact I like starting Cooper the rest of the way this year. He has NE this week who is giving up a ton of yards on D. Denver next week at home where he plays better and Denver seems to be sliding. Then he gets the Giants at home who are just falling apart. Then for the playoffs he goes to KC who is torched earlier this year. Followed up with a home game against the Cowboys who have stopped no one this year and heads to Philly for championship week. Philly is playing good, but teams have had success throwing the ball on him. Its a pretty nice way to end the season for him and just might help him and his owners salvage his production this year. All that a side start him this week and enjoy an eight catch 100 yard and one touchdown day from him.


SIT All Green Bay WR’s

Two reasons why I am avoiding Packers wide receivers this weekend. Number one is Hundley. The Packers don’t want Hundley throwing often. If he does they know they are in trouble. Last week Hundley had 18 competitions and 11 of them went to their big three wide outs. I just don’t see the volume being there to justify using any of them if you don’t have too. Maybe Davante Adams, but I am not thrilled with it. The second reason why I am avoiding Packer wide outs is because of the Ravens. The Ravens D has been great this year especially against the pass. Inexperienced and struggling quarterback up against a high flying hard hitting defense that is going to pressure the quarterback and get physical with the receivers is not what I look for when starting a wide receiver.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Austin Hooper (ATL)

Over the last three weeks Hooper has caught 13 passes on 18 targets for 132 yards and two touchdowns. I like that trend. I know its not Gronk or Kelce numbers, but we all can’t have Gronk or Kelce so we have to make do with other players. I would like to see a little more yardage out of Hooper, but I will take the consistency over the last three weeks. If Hooper can start producing four or fiver receptions each week for 50 yards he could become a high end TE1. In the meantime I think he has a solid day against the Seahawks and could see five receptions for 60 yards with a solid chance at a touchdown.


SIT Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

Rudolph has been okay this year, not as good as last year, but still startable most weeks. This is one of those weeks I would not be starting him though. The Rams are playing great, just like the Vikings for that matter, but Rudolph seems to be more of a bail out option than a focal point to the offense this year. He does have 27 receptions in the last six games, but only 199 yards and two touchdowns. So while the receptions are there the yards and touchdowns are severely lacking. I just don’t see that changing this week either. Look for five receptions for 35 yards and zero touchdowns this week from him.

Other SITS:


START Cincinnati Bengals

Denver is a mess right now. Seems like they fix one thing and break two. The Bengals should be able to create some turnovers and put pressure on the quarterback this week, giving them a solid shot at some good defensive numbers.


  • Arizona Cardinals

SIT Denver Broncos

Something is wrong with the Broncos. They don’t seem to be playing terrible, but they just seem out of whack. So until the get out of their little funk they are in I would not be starting them on D if I had other options.

Other SITS:

  • Dallas Cowboys

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