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Our second consecutive week of dealing with six teams on bye. This week we lose the Bears, Browns, Chargers, Vikings, Patriots, and the Steelers. Fortunately some of those teams don’t really offer a lot of fire power. With any luck you are not hurting too bad this week, unless of course you own LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, or Tom Brady. If you do be sure to check this article out for help. So before you set your lineup make sure you check out my sit and starts to help make those crucial decisions before game time. Remember if you have any other sit start questions you can hit me up in my Facebook group Dynasty League Problems or on twitter @MikeKelleyDLP Good luck this week.

The LootCrate START of the Week:

RB Ameer Abdullah  (DET)

The Detroit Lions need to find balance in their offense, and going up against the Aaron Rodgers less Packers might be the perfect time to find that balance. Without Rodgers the Packers chances of scoring early and often is greatly reduced, giving the Lions the opportunity for a ball control approach. If the Lions can find away to get Abdullah going against the Packers defense that has allowed over 145 yards from scrimmage to running backs and over 14 PPR points per game to running backs, the Lions can control the game and Abdullah owners will benefit. If Abdullah can get over 15 carries he should be able to get over 80 yards and possibly a touchdown. Throw in three or four receptions and its looking pretty good for Abdullah.

The LootCrate SIT of the Week:

RB Jay Ajayi (PHI)

It is no secret I have been really down on Jay Ajayi since, well forever. Not liking Ajayi had nothing to do with the Dolphins, because not that he is an Eagle, a much better team with a better offensive line, my feelings towards him have remained unchanged. Not because they are facing Denver either, which does make benching him easier in my opinion, but because I am not a believer that Ajayi is a capable running back.  Even if his number improve on the Eagles it does not change the fact that the Eagles are not going to take the ball out of Wentz’s hands. The number one thing Ajayi had going for him was volume in Miami and I just don’t see that volume carrying over in Philly. Plus Ajayi is still pretty useless in the passing game so he gains no value there either. I would be shocked if he goes over 50 yards this weeks. So between playing Denver, his first week with the team, and in my opinion a lack of skill, this is not the week to start him.


START Alex Smith (KC)

Alex Smith Chiefs quarterbackAlex Smith is on pace for 4,362 yards, 32 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He should easily pass he previous best of 3,502 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions, all from different seasons by the way. While I believe he will reach the yards and touchdown totals I am not going to assume he throws zero interceptions all year, but I do think keeping it under five is very possible for him. Going up against a pretty generous Cowboy defense he should be able to put up some pretty solid numbers this week. I see him going over 300 yards for the fourth time this year and throwing a couple of touchdowns in the process.


SIT Jameis Winston (TB)

Jameis Winston has all the physical tools and compliments around him to be a top ten quarterback, but for whatever reason he is just not putting it all together. The season has not been a total loss, but another week or two like last week and he will be a bust on the year. Normally a week against the Saints would be just what a quarterback would need to get back on track, but this year the Saints defense has been holding its own, so its not an automatic rebound game for him. Winston might be lucky to pass 250 yards and more than one touchdown this week. He will also likely turn the ball over at least once, so I am looking else where this week for my quarterback.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Alvin Kamara (NO)

Alvin Karama has been one the more consistent players this year, especially in the passing game where he has 31 receptions on 41 targets. The reason why I really like him this week is because Mark Ingram fumbled twice when the Saints were trying to close out the Bears. Last year when he did that Ingram was sent to the bench for a few weeks, while I don’t think he gets exiled this week, but I do think they will lean on Kamara a little more this week than normal. If Kamara can get 12 to 15 carries on top of his six targets a game he has been getting he should easily go over 120 total yards and find the end zone once. I am cashing in on Ingram’s misfortune here.


SIT Any Miami Running Back (MIA)

Popular question this week is which Dolphins running back is going to get the work. My answer is normally, does it matter? Ajayi did nothing, what makes us think Kenyan Drake or Damien Williams will all of the sudden be worthy of starting. I get it in deep leagues you might forced to role the dice on one of those two, but if 12 man or less leagues I see no need to jump on either guy this week. If you want to stash fine, but I am not trusting either one of them enough to start this week. For the record I think Drake is the one to own here. I just don’t see Williams holding up to a full work load.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START DeVante Parker (MIA)

nfl fanduel lineup week 5 2017Ajayi is gone and Cutler should be back along with Parker for that matter. All of which should make the Dolphins passing game come alive again. Before his injury Parker was averaging six receptions on nine targets for over 75 yards a game. I believe he will pick right up where he left off. The Raiders defense offers no real threat at stopping the Dolphins passing attack so I expect some good number from them. Parker should see his typical six or seven receptions for 80 plus yards with a good shot at a touchdown.


SIT Alshon Jeffery (PHI)

Alshon Jeffery’s disappointing season continues. I know he had a 53 yards touchdown last week, but outside of that play he was one catch for nine yards on seven targets. If the defender on the touchdown just turned around he could have easily knocked that ball down and we are looking at one of eight for nine yards. This week against the no fly zone of the Broncos will not make it any easier for Jeffery to produce this week. Less than four receptions and less than 40 yards is what I am thinking for Jeffery this week.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START A.J. Derby (DEN)

A.J. Derby might be the only guy in Denver that is really excited about Brock Osweiler starting this week. While many people might be happy its not Trevor Siemian, you can’t tell me that they are excited it’s Brock in his place. Well except Derby like I said. The reason why Derby might be excited is because he might see a decent increase in targets. Last year Brock dumped off a great of his passes to the tight end, hence the Derby excitement. I don’t think this translates into elite numbers, but an increase in targets usually results in an increase in receptions, which gives you more yards. So Derby could easily see six or seven receptions for 70 plus yards and a touchdown this week.


SIT Tyler Kroft (CIN)

The Bengals offensive line is trash simply put, and this week the Bengals face a red hot Jaguars defense. If the Bengals want to keep Dalton alive they might have to use Kroft as a blocker more this week than a receiver. Even if he does manage for or five receptions I would be surprised if they are down field leaving the likely hood that it is for less than 30 yards. The only thing that could bail him out this week is a short touchdown pass, but i would not want to rely on that from my tight end. Plenty of better options this week at tight end.

Other SITS:


START Seattle Seahawks

Kirk Cousin’s might be running for his life against the Seahawks this week. I think if I went to the Redskins practice facility right now I would have a shot at starting this week on the line. They are just so dismantled from injuries I cannot imagine the Seahawks not getting after Cousin’s this week on every single play.


  • New Orleans Saints

SIT Indianapolis Colts

I am not sold on Deshaun Watson just yet. I think he is good and he is capitalizing on every opportunity a defense gives him. I have yet to see him really pick apart a defense, but fortunately this week picking apart won’t be necessary. So he should have his way with the Colts defense and put up plenty of points.

Other SITS:

  • New York Giants

Michael Kelley is a member of the Going For 2 team. You can check out his website Dynasty League Problems for more writings or find him on Twitter @mikekelleydlp spreading fantasy knowledge for the masses.

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