Week 3 and many players are still frustrating owners. This article may rapidly become just start whoever has the offensive line. I am not sure I have seen a year where so many stars are being neutralized because teams are just not capable of blocking. Whether it is no blocking for the running back or no blocking for the quarterback to be able to deliver downfield passes offense are looking pretty bad this year. So hopefully this article will help you make some of the tough decisions on alternatives to disappointing players. Remember if you have any other sit start questions you can hit me up in my Facebook group Dynasty League Problems or on twitter @MikeKelleyDLP Good luck this week.

The LootCrate START of the Week:

RB Jay Ajayi (MIA)

I cannot believe I have him here. Anyone that follows me knows I am really down on Ajayi overall, but I cannot deny the fact that the Jets just might be the worst team in the NFL this year top to bottom. If the Dolphins continue to give Ajayi 25 plus carries there will be weeks he puts up good numbers just because of volume work. So factor in volume work with a horrible defense and you are looking at the potential for some pretty sweet numbers. Some extra information for Ajayi owners, after week seven his schedule gets much harder so sometime around week five or six you might want to shop Ajayi and see what you can get for him before things go down hill for him.

The LootCrate SIT of the Week:

RB LeSean McCoy (BUF)

Until Tyrod Taylor proves he can beat a team with his arm McCoy might find the going pretty tough most games. This week should most certainly be one of those tough weeks. Unfortunately for McCoy there is very little hope of success for Taylor this week facing a very stout Bronco’s defense. His only hope this week is to find success in the passing game. So if you have McCoy in a standard league you might want to look else where for production this week.


START Matthew Stafford (DET)

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions QuarterbackStafford has been on point with his passing this year, completing 71 percent of his passes. This week he is home against Atlanta, another high powered offense with no better than average defense. This game has all the makings for a very productive day for Stafford. Look for Stafford to put the ball up early and often this week. Some where in the range of 275 yards with at least two touchdowns. Feel free to continue to ride his hot hand.


SIT Drew Brees (NO)

If not for garbage time Brees might be one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL right now. If fact he has only one touchdown that did not occur late in the fourth quarter this year. Now a quarterback can make a living on garbage time, see Blake Bortles, but no body drafted Bortles as a top five quarterback like they do Brees. To top things off the Saints are off to face division rival Carolina Panthers who are looking like the Panthers from 2015 as opposed to the team that stunk it up last year.

Other SITS:

Running Back

START Javorius Allen (BAL)

The job of lead back might be slipping through Terrance West hands. He has been okay as the lead back, and now with an injury he has opened the door for hot hand Allen to work his way to at least an equal time share of lead back duties. Throw in his pass catching ability, thank you to Danny Woodhead for going down again, and he is now more valuable than West. Even if West suites up this week, which is not looking too good he does, Allen should see around 15 carries for 65 plus yards and another four or five receptions for 40 yards. If Allen finds the end zone again this week he could end of the number back before long.


SIT Mark Ingram (NO)

Mark Ingram Running Back New Orleans SaintsIf not for nine receptions on ten targets for 78 yards Ingram would be the worst running back drafted in the top twenty by a mile. In his defense a big reason why he has been used so little is because the team has been down early and down big.  This week should be no different for the Saints. Even last year when the Panthers were struggling on defense he only managed 79 rushing yards in two games. Seems like a recurring theme for some many players this year. Until teams figure out what is going on it is best to just avoid them, and the Saints fall into the category for me.

Other SITS:

Wide Receiver

START Keenan Allen (LAC)

After back to back double digit targets its time to say Allen is back to being one of Philip Rivers favorite targets. His yards may not always be great, but the reception total will be up there with the best of them. This week he face a Chief’s secondary that is without they leader Eric berry. He should find plenty of room to opperate at home this week and will push for double digit receptions and the century mark in yards.


SIT T.Y. Hilton (IND)

Another week without Andrew Luck means another week where Hilton owners need to be on suicide watch. It is just down right sad watching Hilton get less than one reception per quarter this season. After two games he is 7/106/0 and that should be his line for one week. As it sits though Luck has already been announced out this week to, which mean Hilton might as well be out as well. It is a tough spot for Hilton owners, because Luck should be back at some point and Hilton’s value to come back up when that happens, but how long can you wait for one of your top wide receivers to produce? Until than though you have very little choice.

Other SITS:

Tight End

START Zach Ertz (PHI)

Zach Ertz Philadelphia Tight End90 plus yards in back to back games just shows how much Ertz is a central part of this Eagles offense. In two games he is 13/180/0, while the lack of touchdowns is disappointing he is still averaging 16 points a game in PPR leagues which is terrific for a tight end with no touchdowns. Normally a solid start against the Giants, is even better this year with the Giants not performing as expected and getting eaten up over the middle. Look for another seven receptions for 80 yards and possibly a trip to the end zone this week.


SIT Delanie Walker (TEN)

Walker has been one of the leagues best receiving tight ends over the last few years. This year should be no different but this week the Titans are home against a top defense in Seattle. This could be a game where Walker might be asked to block more than run routes. The Titans will want to ball control the game and do that they will need all the help they can get blocking up front. Either way I am not expecting much out of Walker this week. Three or four receptions for 35 yards might be about as good as it gets.

Other SITS:


START Baltimore Ravens

There is no denying the game plan for the Ravens this year is to be win with ground and pound, and that only works if you defense can get you good field position and keep the other team from scoring. Right now the Ravens are succeeding in both areas. This week they get a Jaguars team missing its top wide receiver and a struggling quarterback so this week should be no different than the last two.


  • Carolina Panthers

SIT New Orleans Saints

The Panthers offense has not been all that great, but what does every offense need to get back on track? A game against the Saints. The Saints defense should be in for another long game with an early deficit. Stay away from the Saints this week.

Other SITS:

  • Buffalo Bills

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