With the Major League Baseball season opening day only a few weeks away, let’s take a closer look at starting pitcher ranks. As a base, we will use standard rotisserie rankings. Wins, Earned run average, WHIP-walks+hits per innings pitched, Strikeouts.

25.Lance McCullers

McCullers is a relatively young pitcher with dominant stuff. He really came into his own in the postseason for the Astros. He continues to be able to implement his curveball which is arguably turning into his best pitch. A full season could give numbers close to 20 wins, era around 3.00….



24.Masahiro Tanaka

23.Jon Lester

22.Shohei Ohtani

21.Gerrit Cole

The move to the World Champion Astros will certainly improve Cole from an environmental perspective. He was injured as well over a good portion of last season so I like a rebound type season out of Cole.



20.Jose Quintana

Look for an era right around three. Quintana has a very deceiving repertoire of pitches, won’t overwhelm hitters with heaters but will use that rope a dope type stuff. He has a great way of outsmarting the opponent.

19.James Paxton

Paxton is really showing that he can be a dominant pitcher. He has an explosive set of pitches that can be at time the best in the Majors.

18.Dallas Keuchel

17.Aaron Nola

16.Carlos Martinez

15.Robbie Ray

14.Chris Archer

It seems to be always an issue in regards to filling out the win column, having stated that Archer is always good for lots of strikeouts and other good preferable numbers.

13.Yu Darvish

A bounce back is in order after a less then stellar postseason. In terms of the last 10 seasons it has been stated that Darvish has arguably the best arsenal in all of baseball.

12.Luis Severino

The Yankees are finally confident in that they want the young stud used in the rotation rather then out of the pen.

11.Justin Verlander

10.Zach Greinke

A lot of great factors have Greinke ranked nicely here. He showed last year how great he can be. Coupled with the fact that the humidor( installed in Arizona) will decrease offensive production.


9.Jacob deGrom

Make sure to keep an eye on deGroms’ injury status all year. We know the Mets are loaded with starting pitching but there are concerns on how management has dealt with players out of the lineup in the past.

8.Carlos Carrasco

7.Madison Bumgarner

6.Noah Syndagaard

5.Stephen Strasburg

4.Chris Sale

3.Corey Kluber

2.Max Scherzer

Scherzer has been and will be someone who year in and year we can count on. Always ranked at the top in strikeouts, his overall numbers are just as good. As a bench-line we can expect these types of stellar numbers(ERA)2.40-2.65/ (Wins)18-22/ (Strikeouts) 240-260/(WHIP) 0.90-0.92

1.Clayton Kershaw

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It’s the weekend people, spring is finally in the air! Let’s keep the conversations going!


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