Anyone that has followed my writings over the years knows I have never believed in Ajayi, and now that he is an Eagle, I still don’t. Maybe it’s my close proximity to Philly, but I am hearing a lot of love for Ajayi and I just don’t see it. Ajayi is not fast and can not catch very well. Fantasy Pros has Ajayi composite rank at 20 with a high of 14 and low of 34. He is currently 29 on my board. Obviously, I don’t object to the low side of Ajayi, but for people to be ranking Ajayi as high RB2 is just too rich for my blood. Truthfully the Eagles line is so good that if Ajayi managed to get 16 rushes a game he could go over 1,000 yards on the season. But that is a big if for a guy with bad knees and that doesn’t catch the ball often and on a team that has plenty of running back depth.

Throughout Ajayi’s career, he has done just enough to excite, but never enough to move into reliable running back territory. In 33 games including the playoffs, in the last 2 years, he has only had nine games with 13 or more points and only six with 14 or more. 15 times he scored less than 10. I know he got traded to Philly midseason and needed time to adjust and that is a fair point but only 4 of the 15 came in Philly and one of those games was the Super Bowl where he was well adjusted to the team. For me, this leaves Ajayi no better than a flex play most weeks, because if your RB2 or even worse your RB1 is only getting you 10 points most weeks in PPR that just won’t cut it.

So don’t be fooled by Ajayi’s smoke and mirrors, over the long haul he won’t be reliable and won’t help you win important games. With his offensive line, he should produce solid numbers for real life, but I don’t see the Eagles leaning on him with all the options they have on offense. All of which makes for a pretty useless player outside of bye weeks or flex match ups at best.

Projection: 180/800/4 and 22/180/0
RB Rank: 30th
Overall ADP: 83
Pick: Late 6th

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