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I’m back from the dead! Just kidding, but I have been busy settling into my semester up at Colorado State University and it’s going great so far. I’m eager to get back to writing articles, and I will try to post daily Fanduel NHL advice articles as well as my weekly Fanduel CFB (pending with all this insider drama of course). Now daily NHL may seem a little intimidating, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time and it’ll increase your appreciation for the game! Here are some general tips ahead of the season, which begins on Wednesday.

  1. Know what type of contests you want to play

You are probably already familiar with the two main types of contests in DFS, guaranteed prize pools (GPP) or cash games. GPPs offer a tiered payout depending on how high up you finish in the standings against potentially thousands of other challengers. They are more risky, but offer a ton of upside for your bankroll. In these types of tournaments you want to target players with high-upside but could also have a very low floor (all-or-nothing approach). Never forget to trust your gut, because those plays will be what separates you from the rest of the pack. On the contrary, the best strategy for cash games is usually a more conservative approach. Include your studs who are going to have huge nights, and in order to work them in with your salary restrictions find some mid-range and value plays to round out your lineup. You’ll learn how to mix and match in no time!

  1. Your goaltender choice is key

Think of your goalie in NHL DFS as your pitcher or quarterback; he’s going to be the guy that costs the most salary and (hopefully) scores you the most points. On Fanduel, a goalie gets 0.2 points per save, -1 for every goal allowed, 3 points for a win, and a bonus 2 points for a shutout. So ideally, you want someone between the pipes who will face a lot of shots, stop most of them, and then get in line for the win. In GPPs you can pick a dark-horse sleeper or perhaps a cheaper goalie facing a struggling offense so you can spend up at other positions. However in cash, you’re going to want to pick a stud goaltender like Carey Price more often than not (just like picking an ace in MLB cash games) so you can rest assured that your goalie position is a lock. Oh, and one last thing. Be sure to check that your goalie is starting for his team that given night!

3. Like other sports, matchups matter

Just like with basketball and football, DFS players love to victimize poor defenses and reap the benefits. Noticing saucy matchups from day to day will help you gain the upper hand against your opponents. In my limited NHL DFS play last season, I liked to look at betting lines in order to ascertain what teams are favored to win (or DOMINATE). You can also go to various statistics sites and see how a team’s defense performs if you’re not directly familiar with them. Like BvP (batter versus pitcher) in MLB, some players catch fire versus certain teams and goaltenders. This information can certainly aid in your quest to make the ideal lineup!

4. Line stacks will be your best friend

Just like finding a profitable stack in baseball, finding great forward pairings to use in your lineups (cash in particular) can cement your cash for the evening! Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars come to mind here, and if they have a good matchup then lock them in. I enjoy going to www.dailyfaceoff.com to see the up-to-date line combinations for every team, and it is crucial for this tip. Happy stacking!

5. Twitter can be your friend… and enemy

Twitter is the greatest invention known to man, but use it responsibly! It can be a valuable asset pre-lineup lock when you’re looking at last minute scratches or other info from NHL insiders. However, be sure to know when to stop and trust that your lineup construction is complete. Find the NHL DFS gurus you like and trust (hopefully me) and give em a follow!

Bonus! 6. Read my daily picks articles 🙂


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