Over the years that GoingFor2 has been in existence, we have been fortunate to gain some friends and collaborators along the way. Some of our friends include;

  1. The Internet radio broadcast group, the MomentumShift, bringing us great sports talk shows weekly.
  2. FantasyPros, the all fantasy sports site giving us some great tools to deliver our content through their platform without having to leave the GoingFor2 website.
  3. And then, of course, there is the Pay Me No Mind show and the guys at ClashoftheNerds teaming up with myself to form TalkLoudRadio.com, the podcast umbrella that I publish my show on.

Today, we added another member to the family. The DFS Depot.

What is the DFS Depot?

The DFS Depot is a Facebook group designed for all DFS players. Yes, there are a million and one of these groups on Facebook, and 97 percent of them are either ghost towns or has one guy posting trying to get you to buy his lineups or pay for a premium membership. DFS Depot, like GoingFor2, is 100 percent free.

Eight former admins from another popular Facebook group — one that will go unnamed — joined up to form the DFS Depot. Armed with the know-how to build a good product (their former group had over 7,000 members) and the experience of past mistakes, their promise to you — the everyday DFS player — is to create an engaging community of players, experts, and newbies alike with one goal in mind. Make you a better player and win you money playing daily fantasy sports.

What You Can Expect

First and foremost, you can expect free content. Some of the admins post daily native write-ups of the day’s slate right there in the group. There will also be free “controlled” content from content providers like myself. Controlled meaning “no spam”. Content will be posted once and only once a day. You will not be bombarded by a thousand links to “JoeSchmosSuperAwesomeDFSPicks.com”. Content providers will be vetted and must adhere to strict content standards with the utmost importance on “free”.

You will not have to worry about being solicited to buy lineups or constantly harassed to sign-up for “premium content”. Any member that tries to use the DFS Depot platform for this purpose will be banned. All levels of DFS players are welcomed, from the guys that drop $1,000 a night to the ones playing DFS for the first time.

Their goal — and I have complete confidence that they can and will attain this goal — is to become the best and most engaged DFS Group on Facebook.

Sounds Great, Now What?

Request to be added to the group by clicking here: DFS Depot. And be sure to also like the FanPage: DFS Depot FanPage.

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Not Andrew
Not Andrew

Well i for one think this is just downright splendid.