We have FINALLY gone live! After months of talking about it, and a lot of trial and error, we recorded our first live podcast on Facebook. You can check out the video at Facebook.com/GoingFor2DotCom.

Today’s guests, Tim and Gerson of the DFS Roundtable, come on tonight to break down the NBA slate. Gerson takes the Fanduel side, while Tim takes the DraftKings side. Some of the questions we answer tonight:

  1. Anthony Davis or not?
  2. Pay up for Harden or Westbrook?
  3. A bunch of Magic players could be out, who benefits?
  4. Who is the top value from each position?
  5. What is Gerson’s sick call of the week? What the hell is a sick call?
  6. Is Nene’s name just Nene? What happened to his last name?
  7. Will the Rockets win the NBA Finals?

We try not to give you the same boring stuff you get from other DFS podcasts. We try to mix in a little banter and make it fun. Tell us how we did by visiting any of the links below…

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