2. Pitcher Chart

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Last Updated: 7/11/2018 – 8:01 AM CT
G. GonzalezWASL-13045121.56
T. WilliamsPITR+1204.53-1.517.35
F. PeraltaMILR-16037436.25 2/3
D. StrailyMIAR+1474.55.5118.75 1/3
V. VelasquezPHIR+1433.562.528.55 2/3
J. deGromNYMR-15539631.27
S. MillerARIR+12063-326.94 1/3
G. MarquezCOLR-1305.54-1.5235
K. MaedaLADR-15536328.76
J. LucchesiSDPL+14345.51.5255 1/3
B. SmithKCRR+1885.52.5-323.23 1/3
L. LynnMINR-20545121.56
S. GrayNYYR-140451206
D. BundyBALR+12955026.35 1/3
B. ColonTEXR+31752.5-2.514.24
C. SaleBOSL-35439.56.536.87
C. BassittOAKR+2104.53-1.5204 2/3
L. McCullersHOUR-23036.53.527.16
M. GonzalesSEAL+10444021.65 2/3
J. BarriaLAAR-11344018.75 1/3
T. MahleCINR+18153.5-1.522.95
C. CarrascoCLER-1973.56.5325.96 1/3
L. WeaverSTLR-13545.51.521.25 2/3
C. RodonCHWR+1254.550.518.25



L/R = Lefty or Righty
$Line = Money Line
OTT = Opposing team’s run total
K = Projected Strikeouts
+/- = K-OTT
K% = Strikeout Percentage
IP = Innings Projection

Many factors can change between the time I write this article and the time lineups lock. I’ll do my best to update the article, so checking back frequently is encouraged. You can also ask questions on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll do my best to get to all of them!

To see my favorite hitters for today’s slate, click NEXT!