1. Pitchers

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Max Scherzer vs. Corey Kluber

At the top on Monday is the decision whether to use Scherzer or Kluber. At their prices in these matchups, both can be faded in tournaments, but in cash games, I like the floor each pitcher brings. Both pitchers will face offenses with very low strikeout rates, but both pitchers have OTTs of three (see pitcher chart), the lowest of the day. Scherzer will face the Red Sox in Nationals Park, while Kluber will face the Royals in Kauffman Stadium. The difference is in the ballparks and the opposing offenses. The Red Sox offense has the second highest wRC+, while the Royals have the lowest wRC+, so Kluber earns an edge here. Since the Red Sox travel to the National League and lose their DH, it makes it easier for Scherzer to record strikeouts. Ultimately, weather, opposing lineups and umpires will determine the better play, but my current lean is toward Scherzer. I believe he’s the more talented pitcher, has the higher strikeout percentage, and the park downgrade as well as the league shift should work against the talented Red Sox offense.

Robbie Ray and Carlos Martinez

I’ve paired Ray and Martinez in this section because at their prices ($9,900 and $8,100 respectively), they are underpriced if they are healthy and on a full pitch count. Martinez struggled with walks after coming off of the disabled list, leading me to believe there may be a lingering injury. Ray only threw 83 pitches in his last start, the first since his return from the DL. Both pitchers looked fairly sharp in their last outings, giving me some desire to use them in tournaments at their cheap prices, but I’ll avoid the risks in cash games.

Luis Castillo and Wei-Yin Chen

Here we have the severely underpriced section.

Castillo will face the White Sox in Great American Ballpark. The White Sox will lose their DH in this matchup, forcing James Shields to bat. Castillo has a 5.85 ERA this season, but only a 4.11 SIERA, meaning he’s had some bad luck this year. The White Sox rank second in strikeout rate this year, giving Castillo enough upside for tournaments, and enough of a floor to use him in cash games at his price.

Chen will face the Rays in Marlins Park. The Rays also lose their DH, giving a boost to Chen. Chen is not a great pitcher, but he’s better than $4,600, his salary on DraftKings. The Rays have the fifth highest strikeout rate against lefties, and while their wRC+ is solid, Marlins Park should help hold some of the fly balls Chen allows.

I prefer Castillo to Chen, even at the price difference, but both pitchers should be considered in cash games and tournaments.

For the Pitcher Chart as well as Hitter picks and analysis, click NEXT!