MLB DFS Pitcher Chart & Lineup Advice – 5/29/2017

Last Updated: 5/29/2017 – 9:26 AM CT

The pitcher chart is located under my top plays! 

Top Plays

Kyle Hendricks

Hendricks will get a park upgrade as he travels to Petco Park to face the Padres. The Padres strike out 25.6% of the time against righties and have the second worst wRC+. Both Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg scored 43+ DK points against the Padres over the weekend. While Hendricks doesn’t have the strikeout upside of those two pitchers, the Padres offense should give Hendricks a boost in strikeout potential.

Carlos Carrasco

Carrasco will get a home game against the Athletics. Oakland strikes out 23.5% of the time against righties so the upside for Carrasco should be there. Carrasco is the biggest favorite on the slate, and sits at just $9,300 on DraftKings after a few tough outings. I love the upside and the price. Carrasco looks like a great SP1 in tournaments and a very solid pitcher in cash games as well.

Mookie Betts

Betts will hold the platoon advantage against David Holmberg. The Red Sox have a team run total of five and Betts has a great chance of getting on base multiple times. This is one of the highest home run projections I’ve seen for Betts, so I think there is a better than average chance he knocks one out of the park. Betts is my favorite hitter on the entire slate, even ahead of all the Coors hitters.

Coors Bats

This looks like a good spot for the Rockies. They’ll face righty Sam Gaviglio so Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez immediately become two of the top options. Gaviglio has just a 13% strikeout rate, and Coors Field limits strikeouts. Nolan Arenado is the top third base option on the slate, but I prefer Kyle Seager for the price. Nelson Cruz is the other Mariner on my radar. He has the power to knock a few out of the stadium.


David Price will make his season debut Monday against the White Sox. I’ll be avoiding him as he’ll be on a short leash and the White Sox own a 132 wRC+ against lefties (best in the majors) and have a 17.1% strikeout rate (2nd lowest).

Giancarlo Stanton is too cheap for his matchup against Jeremy Hellickson at just $4,300 on DraftKings.

Hanley Ramirez is my favorite first base option for the same reasons I love Mookie Betts.

The pitching chart will be updated often. Make sure to check back for the newest information, especially if a column is currently incomplete!

J. MontgomeryNYYL-1014.550.522.55 1/3
D. BundyBALR-1194.550.517.96
D. PriceBOSL-1903.551.523.55 1/3
D. HolmbergCHWL+16552.5-2.517.14 1/3
B. PeacockHOUR-12044036.65
E. SantanaMINR+1004.54-0.519.16
R. HillLADL-11045122.75 1/3
M. LeakeSTLR-11044017.75 2/3
S. GaviglioSEAR+13852-3134
T. ChatwoodCOLR-1585.53.5-2205 2/3
T. RoarkWASR-11744.50.520.26 2/3
M. MooreSFGL-10345118.76
R. DelgadoARIR-1084.53-1.521.14
T. WilliamsPITR-1124.53-1.516.25
M. GarzaMILR+1204.54-0.519.35 2/3
R. GsellmanNYMR-14045115.85 2/3
D. MengdenOAKR+20554-15
C. CarrascoCLER-2403.573.5266 1/3
K. HendricksCHCR-20035.52.520.16 2/3
J. CosartSDPR+1704.53.5-111.15
L. BonillaCINR+17053-215.54
M. StromanTORR-2003.551.519.76 2/3
J. HellicksonPHIR+1354.54-0.59.76
E. VolquezMIAR-15545120.65 2/3
D. NorrisDETL-1054.54.5019.35 1/3
J. HammelKCRR-1154.54-0.517.45
E. RamirezTBRR-1054.54-0.518.55 1/3
M. PerezTEXL-1154.54.50166
J. TeheranATLR+10044.50.517.15 2/3
R. NolascoLAAR-120440215 2/3



L/R = Lefty or Righty
$Line = Money Line
OTT = Opposing team’s run total
K = Projected Strikeouts
+/- = OTT-K
K% = Strikeout Percentage
IP = Innings Projection


Many factors can change between the time I write this article and the time lineups lock. I’ll do my best to update the article, so checking back frequently is encouraged. You can also ask questions on Twitter @fantasbeast15. I’ll do my best to get to all of them!

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