MLB DFS Pitcher Chart & Lineup Advice – 7/16/2017

Last Updated: 7/16/2017 – 8:49 AM CT

The pitcher chart is located under my top plays! 

Top Plays

Jeff Samardzija

Samardzija will face the Padres in Petco Park. The Padres strike out at the highest rate in the league against righties at 26.1%. They’re tied for the 3rd worst wRC+ and Samardzija has an OTT of just 3.5. The price is a bit more than I’d like to pay on DraftKings, but it’s reasonable enough to warrant consideration in both cash games and tournaments.

Steven Matz

Matz will face the Rockies in Citi Field. The Rockies take a park hit and project much worse on the road. The have the 8th highest strikeout percentage against lefties and are in the bottom third of the league in wRC+. I love targeting lefties against the Rockies when they’re on the road, and Matz is more talented than his $7,900 price tag. Matz is in play for both cash games and tournaments.

Chris Archer

Archer faces the Angels who are in the bottom third in strikeout percentage and wRC+ against righties. They probably won’t score a ton of runs and probably won’t strike out much. I don’t like many of the high priced pitchers on Sunday’s slate, but Archer is the one I feel safest using. I’m not sure I’ll pay up for him in cash games, but will consider him for tournaments, hoping he can punch out 7-8 batters.

Blue Jays

I love the Blue Jays today in both cash games and tournaments. They’ll face Anibal Sanchez who’s giving up 2.03 HR/9 this season. The Blue Jays are priced like they’re facing an ace, so not only are they great plays, they’ll save you salary as well. They have a team run total of five, but I think that might be low in this matchup. Russell Martin, Josh Donaldson, and Troy Tulowitzki are locked into my cash game lineup, which still allows me to play some high priced bats. I’m strongly considering Jose Bautista in cash games as well, but don’t consider him a lock due to other quality outfielders around his price. My cash game lineup is filled with Blue Jays, and I’ll roll them out in tournaments as well.

Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo will face Ubaldo Jimenez in Camden Yards. Jimenez is getting destroyed by the long ball this season, yielding 2.04 HR/9. Rizzo will have the platoon advantage in a good ballpark, and the Cubs have the highest team run total on the slate. He has 3rd highest home run projection on the slate, and is the top overall hitter, currently by almost a full point. I have him locked into my cash game lineup and will be overweight on him in tournaments.



The pitching chart will be updated often. Make sure to check back for the newest information, especially if a column is currently incomplete!

T. RoarkWASR-1144.54.5018.26
H. BaileyCINR+10554-1144 2/3
J. HoffmanCOLR+1274.53.5-121.54 2/3
S. MatzNYML-13846214.86 2/3
Z. GodleyARIR-10544.50.524.35 1/3
J. GarciaATLL-1034.550.517.75 2/3
C. MartinezSTLR-1293.562.526.86 1/3
T. WilliamsPITR+1194.53.5-116.85 1/3
J. HellicksonPHIR+14654-112.45
M. GarzaMILR-1594.54-0.516.95 2/3
J. SamardzijaSFGR-1163.55.5226.26 2/3
T. CahillSDPR+10745129.76
M. EstradaTORR-1054.54.5024.95
A. SanchezDETR-10353.5-1.522.14 1/3
K. GibsonMINR+1665.53.5-213.65
M. FiersHOUR-18145121.65 1/3
A. MooreSEAR-12644012.25
D. HollandCHWL+11654-119.25
Y. DarvishTEXR-11846225.96 1/3
I. KennedyKCRR+1094.550.521.25
T. BauerCLER-1113.562.525.86
S. ManaeaOAKR+103451246 1/3
M. TanakaNYYR+1264.54.5023.25 2/3
D. PriceBOSL-13746.52.521.96
J. QuintanaCHCL-1394.561.524.66
U. JimenezBALR+1285.54.5-119.34 2/3
C. SabathiaNYYL3319.24 2/3
R. PorcelloBOSR4.55.5120.86 1/3
R. HillLADL5.55.527.35 2/3
C. O'GradyMIAL5517.45 1/3
C. ArcherTBRR6628.56 2/3
P. BridwellLAAR3313.74 1/3



L/R = Lefty or Righty
$Line = Money Line
OTT = Opposing team’s run total
K = Projected Strikeouts
+/- = OTT-K
K% = Strikeout Percentage
IP = Innings Projection


Many factors can change between the time I write this article and the time lineups lock. I’ll do my best to update the article, so checking back frequently is encouraged. You can also ask questions on Twitter @fantasbeast15. I’ll do my best to get to all of them!

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