MLB DFS Pitcher Chart & Lineup Advice – 7/9/2017

Last Updated: 7/9/2017 – 9:50 AM CT

The pitcher chart is located under my top plays! 

Top Plays

Clayton Kershaw

He’s not on the main slate, but Kershaw is the top option. On days like this, I tend to try to get most of my action on the all-day slate so I can play Kershaw. He costs $13,000 on DraftKings which is more than reasonable. He’ll face the Royals who don’t strike out much, but have just an 88 wRC+ against lefties. Kershaw is my SP1 and I’ll gladly pay the extra $600 to move from Corey Kluber to Kershaw.

David Price

For $9,600, Price make a great SP1 play on the main slate. He’s pitched well over his last two starts and gets a big park upgrade. The Rays strike out 26.8% of the time against lefties, second highest in the league. With a 92 wRC+ against lefties and an OTT of 3.5, it looks like Price should be able to prevent runs as well. Price is an early favorite to be my SP1 on the main slate on Sunday.

Trevor Cahill

Cahill is priced at $7,700 on DraftKings and is too cheap for his talent and matchup. He’ll face the Phillies who have the 6th highest strikeout percentage and 3rd worst wRC+ against righties. It’s a great matchup outside of the tough ballpark. Cahill had a great start to the season but hit the DL for over a month. It will be his second start off of the DL, so this might be best left for GPPs, but I’m going to at least consider him as my SP2 in cash games.

Jay Bruce/Asdrubal Cabrera

Bruce will face Lance Lynn in Busch Stadium. Lynn has a wide platoon split, so I like targeting lefties against him. Bruce is too cheap at only $3,700. He has a top five home run projection on the slate, so I like him for GPPs as well. I like Cabrera for all of the same reasons as well as the fact that he plays shortstop which is a position that can be difficult to fill. Cabrera is cheap and has the platoon advantage. He also has the second highest home run projection among shortstops today.

Freddie Freeman

Freeman was fun to play the past two days when he was $3,700. Now he’s priced at $4,600, but he’s worth the price again. He’ll have the platoon advantage against Joe Ross, and he qualifies at both first and third base making it easier to fit him in your lineups. I’m locking him into my cash game lineup and will be overweight on him in tournaments.

Coors Bats

Because I’m paying up for pitching in the all day slate, the only two batters I’m considering in cash games are Todd Frazier and Tim Anderson. On the main slate, I’d also bring Trevor Story and Ian Desmond into the conversation if they’re hitting in a favorable spot in the order. Outside of these four players, I’m reserving my Coors exposure for tournaments. I like the values in other matchups better, and it’s cheaper to avoid Coors bats. Obviously stacking Coors teams is a solid tournament strategy, but in cash games I’m looking elsewhere today.



The pitching chart will be updated often. Make sure to check back for the newest information, especially if a column is currently incomplete!

J. TaillonPITR+1474.54.522.24 2/3
J. LesterCHCL-1606.56.524.86 2/3
T. CahillSDPR-10846.52.528.86
J. EickhoffPHIR+10045.51.518.86
S. MatzNYML+1104.55.5116.46
L. LynnSTLR-1194.54-0.522.85
H. BaileyCINR+1525.54-1.512.34 2/3
P. CorbinARIL-1654.550.5205 2/3
B. PeacockHOUR+1044.54.50344 1/3
J. HappTORL-1134.54-0.523.85
D. PriceBOSL-1083.573.522.26 1/3
C. ArcherTBRR-10047328.67
U. JimenezBALR+11354.5-0.519.75
K. GibsonMINR-12253.5-1.514.25
J. RamirezLAAR+16553-219.34 1/3
Y. DarvishTEXR-18046226.26 1/3
D. GossettOAKR+14753-213.84 2/3
F. HernandezSEAR-16045.51.519.36 1/3
M. FulmerDETR+1814.54.5018.75 2/3
C. KluberCLER-19738.55.533.56 1/3
J. NelsonMILR+14155026.15
M. TanakaNYYR-15347323.26
C. RodonCHWL+11664.5-1.524.55
K. FreelandCOLL-1265.53-2.512.95
D. DuffyKCRL+2704.550.518.75 1/3
C. KershawLADL-2992.585.530.97 1/3



L/R = Lefty or Righty
$Line = Money Line
OTT = Opposing team’s run total
K = Projected Strikeouts
+/- = OTT-K
K% = Strikeout Percentage
IP = Innings Projection


Many factors can change between the time I write this article and the time lineups lock. I’ll do my best to update the article, so checking back frequently is encouraged. You can also ask questions on Twitter @fantasbeast15. I’ll do my best to get to all of them!

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