MLB DFS Pitcher Chart & Lineup Advice – 9/7/2017

Last Updated: 9/7/2017 – 6:50 AM CT

The pitcher chart is located under my top plays! 

Top Plays

Clayton Kershaw

Kershaw will face the Rockies in Dodger Stadium. The Rockies have the 8th highest strikeout rate against lefties and a middling wRC+. Kershaw is the largest favorite on the slate and has the lowest OTT. While he’s expensive, he isn’t unreasonably priced considering the matchup and ballpark. Watch to see if Kershaw is on a pitch count, if he is, or if he may be pulled early, avoid him in cash games.

Corey Kluber

Kluber faces the White Sox in Guaranteed Rate Field. The White Sox are easy to pick on as they rank 8th in strikeout rate against righties and have the fifth worst wRC+. Kluber is the second largest favorite of the day and is tied for the lowest OTT. Kluber will be the top option if Kershaw is on a pitch count. If Kershaw is full-go, lineups, umpires and weather will determine whether to pay for Kershaw or Kluber, but both would be quality cash game and tournament options.

Aaron Nola

Nola is priced cheaper than both Kluber and Kershaw and will be a decent SP2 option in tournaments. While he faces a good Nationals offense, he’s priced well below his talent. The Nationals strike out 20.7% of the time and rank in the top third in wRC+. I don’t love Nola for cash games due to the quality of the Nationals offense and the fact that he’s an underdog, but for tournaments, I’ll take the risk and pair Nola with Kluber or Kershaw.


Here are some hitters I’ll likely have at least 50% exposure to.

Edwin Encarnacion
Matt Kemp
Paul DeJong
Randal Grichuk

Top Tournament Plays

Giancarlo Stanton
Freddie Freeman
Joey Votto
Ozzie Albies
Starling Marte
Andrew McCutchen



The pitching chart will be updated often. Make sure to check back for the newest information, especially if a column is currently incomplete!

A. NolaPHIR+1524.56.5225.16 1/3
T. RoarkWASR-1653.562.521.17
J. LesterCHCL-1303.56.5324.66 2/3
J. TaillonPITR+12046221.66
T. MahleCINR-11344.50.516.76
M. HarveyNYMR+1044.54.5017.56
D. StrailyMIAR-1134.54.5021.95 2/3
S. NewcombATLL+10455.50.522.85 1/3
L. LynnSTLR-1263.551.520.16
C. RichardSDPL+1164.54-0.5175 1/3
J. GrayCOLR+2542.563.522.85 2/3
C. KershawLADL-28047331.26
C. KluberCLER-2502.59.5734.37 2/3
C. RodonCHWL+22855025.65 2/3



L/R = Lefty or Righty
$Line = Money Line
OTT = Opposing team’s run total
K = Projected Strikeouts
+/- = OTT-K
K% = Strikeout Percentage
IP = Innings Projection


Some stats in this article are via Use Promo Code GOINGFF to save 25%

Many factors can change between the time I write this article and the time lineups lock. I’ll do my best to update the article, so checking back frequently is encouraged. You can also ask questions on Twitter @fantasbeast15. I’ll do my best to get to all of them!

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