Do you ever imagine what it would be like if we had DFS, 10 to 15 years ago? I admit I do, and not just because I’m super weird, but because I legitimately would love the opportunity to roster Dikembe Mutombo. When I am struggling in life, I often ask myself, What would Dikembe do? In this case the question is more of, how would Dikembe do? I feel like Dikembe would be overpriced, and under perform but the voice, and the finger wag, how could you go wrong? Alas it’s 2019 and that’s not possible. Wthout further ado we get to today’s DraftKings NBA picks. I’m new here so this is how it’s going to work. I’m going to make 3 picks a day, one good, one, you’ve got to be kidding me if you do it, so bad, and one value. The next day, I will recap how amazing I did (or poorly, I’m super honest) and go at it again. Here we go…

Good aka if you don’t make this pick your stupid: James Harden (12,200 on DK versus Milwaukee)- I admit this is a lame pick as any idiot could do it. That being said the Beard and I both went to Arizona State and I’m getting my pitchfork out for this one.  I don’t care that Harden is priced up or going against Eric Bledsoe who is one of the top on the ball defenders in basketball. You score 40 plus points in 7 out of your last 9, and contribute assists and rebounds to boot, it’s not even a question. As long as CP3 is out, fade Harden at your own risk, I’m not that brave…..

Bad aka you’ve got to be kidding me?-Lonzo Ball (6,800 DK versus Detriot)- With apologizes to Lavar who unlike most I genuinely like. I can’t stomach paying 6,800 for Lonzo. Reggie Jackson is not a good defensive point guard, but with Kyle Kuzma back we are far more likely to see Lonzo put up 13 fantasy points as he did against Minnesota then the 42 plus he dropped on Dallas. The man is shooting 42% from the field at home, that’s terrible shout out to Sir Charles Barkley.

Value-It’s not my problem if you cost yourself money by ignoring this pick. Jordan Clarkson (5,200 on DK versus New Orleans)- question this pick if Rodney Hood is active but if Hood remains out fire up Mr. used to date Kendall Jenner (google it if you don’t believe me). Clarkson torched New Orleans to the tune of 37 fantasy points at 5100 on DK last time around. While the Cavs are bad, they likely won’t lose to New Orleans by 35 again and in a pace up game Clarkson should get plenty of shots and a chance for his second straight 7x return against the Pelicans.

That’s it for today check back tomorrow for Day 2, Neva lost!

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