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Nothing But NetMy top plays of the night at his position.
DunkA Dunk is a second or third tier player with the highest upside.
Half-Court ShotOtherwise known as a “punt play.” A Low-priced, high-upside player.
Blocked Shot A player I’ll be avoiding. Otherwise known as “Fading.”

Nothing But Net | Damian Lillard $9,800 vs NOP

I’m going to do my best to not just pick the highest priced player and call him my NBN player, but in this case, Lillard is the best of the best. I considered John Wall, but the matchup and pace of the Blazers and Pelicans give Lillard the edge. Over the last four weeks, the Pels have actually defended the point guard position quite well, but on the year they give up 46.94 Fanduel points, ranking them in the bottom half of the league. Lillard may see a lot of Jrue Holiday in this series, but with C.J. McCollum at the two, the Pels may opt to leave Holiday on McCollum. Holiday is one of the best on-ball defenders in the league and will make either guy work for everything, unfortunately, Rajon Rondo is no longer a great defender in this league and Lillard will go “Lillard” in Game 1.

Dunk | Rajon Rondo $6,100 @ POR

Speaking of the aforementioned Rondo, he is my “Dunk of the Night” at the point. When the Pels were fighting for a playoff spot to end the season, Rondo stepped up to the challenge and averaged over 13 assists per game over their last three games, including 14 against the Spurs in their season finale. Rondo proved last year for the Bulls that he can still show up big in the playoffs, averaging 11.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 10 assists and 3.5 steals per game before getting hurt, limiting him to only two games. Some believe the Bulls could have actually won that series had Rondo not gotten hurt. The Blazers are a tough matchup for Rondo, but it’s his ability to score fantasy points without the need to score NBA points is what draws me to him. He could go out and score 4 NBA points and stilhave 40 FanDuel points.

Half-Court Shot | Tony Parker $3,500 @ GSW

The days of vintage Tony Parker are long gone, but head coach Greg Popovich doesn’t rest these guys all season because he cares about how their knees will hold up when they are 45 and retired. No, he rests them for the playoffs, and despite the emergence of Dejounte Murray, Parker will still get a decent amount of minutes, especially if Murray struggles early. The Warriors have not been as good defensively down the stretch as a whole, and they were never good at defending the point guard when they were playing well. The Warriors have given up 45.91 FanDuel points to opposing point guards over the last four weeks, which isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either.

Blocked Shot | Kyle Lowry $6,800 vs WAS

On my podcast The Armchair Fantasy show on Thursday night, my guest Brandon pointed out that the Raptors have dropped Game 1 of the playoffs every year in the history of the franchise except one — way back in 2001. Well, I took that stat one step further and tried to look at their recent history to find out why they can never win Game 1. My conclusion? Kyle Lowry. Yep, I’m going to put it solely on his shoulders. Look at the last three seasons of Game 1s for Lowry:

Game 1 2017 vs MIL – Four points, two rebounds, six assists and four fouls

Game 1 2016 vs IND – 11 points, two rebounds, seven assists, six turnovers and five fouls

Game 1 2015 vs  WAS – Seven points, eight rebounds, four assists, three turnovers and he fouled out

Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern…

Honorable Mentions: Ian Clark $4,000, Dejounte Murray $6,300

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