1DFS NBA FanDuel Lineup 4/24/18

I skipped yesterday’s article because, well, I fell asleep early. But, I’m back and well rested and ready to tackle tonight’s three-game slate. Before we get to tonight’s advice, just a few quick notes on some upcoming things at GoingFor2:

The GoingFor2 App is going through an update now that should help improve its usability. Pull down to refresh, faster load times, smoother transitions, etc. Hoping to have to have it live soon. If you don’t have the App, Download it here.

For all the NFL fans, I will be tweeting instant fantasy reactions to all the first round picks on Thursday night. I’m using the hashtag #GF2Draft. If you plan on tweeting anything during the draft, use that hashtag with a chance to win $50.

If you play dynasty football, or if you have a really early redraft league starting soon, GoingFor2 and ClickyDraft are giving away a free premium subscription. For details, click here.

Okay, now let’s get to why you are here…