Huge 12-game slate today. This is the type of slate that the spreadsheet was designed for — to help you whittle through a massive amount of players and help you narrow down your player pool. Before we get to that, with all the new users that are starting to use the sheet, I wanted to mention one thing, do not blindly use the sheet to build your lineups. Let me explain…

The spreadsheet is base 99.9 percent on stats and it puts a lot of weight on a player’s “last five games played”. There are a couple things to that statement that I want to tackle.

First, the last five games “played”. I highlight the word played because if a player goes out with an injury and then comes back, the sheet will still use his last five games played, not the zeroes he has been collecting.

Second, one really good game or one really bad game can affect a player’s grade. Perfect example, Kristap Porzinigis the other night had a “Cold” tag next to his name but had four straight 40-plus FD point games. Why did he get the “Cold” tag? His fifth game was the game he got injured and only put up 6.5 FD which lowered his last five-game average, thus the Cold tag. The opposite it true as well, one big game could cause a player to get the “Hot” tag or have a higher grade.

Third, the “99.9 percent” part. The only time there is any user input is when there is a player ruled out or injured. The players that will benefit from that injury or rest will obviously play more minutes and likely score more points than their “last five game average”. In cases like this, I use projections for those players.

Basically, in a nutshell, the sheet is used in addition to your own research and not the end-all-be-all. That’s it, onto the sheet…

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Here is the spreadsheet for today…

CLICK HERE: NBA FanDuel Spreadsheet 1/3/18


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