Well, first, I would like to apologize for Saturday’s spreadsheet — or lack of spreadsheet. I posted the article with the intention of publishing the spreadsheet around 5 pm. Unfortunately, my day job kept me from being able to do it. I didn’t get my break until 6:30 pm, which at that point it was pointless to post.

Tonight we have a nice eight-game slate to work with, which to me, is the perfect amount of games. There are just enough games to ensure lineup differential while also not being overwhelming. As always, the spreadsheet will be posted around noon if not sooner.

A Couple of things:

  1. A request was made to have the players team as well as their opponent listed, so you will see the new column for “Team”
  2. There is still some news we are waiting on, Victor Oladipo being the big one. I won’t be able to update it the rest of the day.

As always, be sure to download the GoingFor2 App. Viewing the spreadsheet on the app is much faster and it also has push notifications to let you know when the sheet is live. Click here to download.

Here is the spreadsheet for today as well as the “how to use the optimizer” video…

NBA FanDuel Spreadsheet 11/27/17

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