Another day, another dollar for the spreadsheet. It did really well yesterday with James Harden listed as the top overall play and ended with 69, Dwayne Wade was the top value at $4,800 and had 31. The spreadsheet also had Frank Mason Jr. as a value and he had 23.6 at $3,500.

DFS NBA FanDuel Lineup 11/28/17Of course, there were some misses too. Ben Simmons was graded high but did not come close to value and LaMarcus Aldridge was graded low and went off for 64 FD points.

Today’s slate isn’t as good as yesterdays, but five games is still a decent size and should give us enough lineup differential for today. I uploaded the spreadsheet a little earlier than normal, so please pay attention to the late-breaking news as somethings could change.

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Here is the spreadsheet for today as well as the “how to use the optimizer” video…

NBA FanDuel Spreadsheet 11/28/17

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