1DFS NBA FanDuel Starting 5 Lineup Advice 12/23/17

If you haven’t noticed, FanDuel released a new contest style called “Starting 5”. You only have five spots to fill, two guards, two forwards and a center — basically a starting 5.

Pricing is a bit different to account for the fewer positions and the strategy is a little different as well. I’ve played this contest over the last few days, and I’ve cashed in all of them, so I figured I would pass along what I’ve learned and how I choose my lineups.

First, the over/under in games is much more important than in the classic contests. Because you only have five players, you need to have exposure to higher scoring games because you won’t be able to overcome a player scoring 20 or 25.

Second, you don’t need to “punt” as much. You’re better off having a balanced roster i which all your players are capable of putting up 40-to-50 points, which is entirely possible to do. My lineup the other night consisted of Kyle Lowry ($12,000), DeMar DeRozan ($12,000), Ben Simmons ($14,000), Dario Saric ($10,000) and Marc Gasol ($11,500). Simmons was the only player that did not get at least 40 points, but he is at least capable of putting up 50-plus. Had he put up 50-plus, I would have won a lot more money.

With these strategies in mind, here are some of my picks for tonight…


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