Nothing But Net | Steph Curry $15,000

I try not to just take the top guy at a position and list him as the NBN, because, let’s face, anyone can do that. In this case, however, Curry is so far and away the better play over any other guard that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t recommend him.

The Suns are the third worst team in points allowed to PGs, giving up 48 FanDuel points per game. This game will be played at breakneck speed as both teams are in the top three for pace — only the Lakers play faster than these two teams. The only thing you worry about here is the dreaded “blowout” factor. I, for one, never really worry about the blowout factor, in order for there to be a blowout, a lot of points have to be scored, and three quarters of Curry is better than five quarters of some other guards.

Dunk | Spencer Dinwiddie $12,500 vs LAC

I think someone forgot to tell Dinwiddle the Nets are trying to lose games! He has averaged over 38 FanDuel points over his last six games and has two straight double-doubles. This too should be a high-paced game with the Clippers at No. 8 in pace and the Nets at No. 6. Vegas lines haven’t been released at the time I wrote this, but I bet this game has a pretty high over/under.

Half-Court Shot | Austin Rivers $10,000 @ BKN

From that same game, we have the “coaches son” Austin Rivers (heel) who recently returned from a long absence due to injury. In his two games back he has logged over 30 minutes in both and put up 24.9 and 29.7 FanDuel points respectively. As I mentioned, this will be a fast-paced game much like the Warriors/Suns game, but it’s much cheaper to get some good exposure to this game over the Warriors game.

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Blocked Shot | NONE 

Literally not one player I don’t like at guard enough to fade him completely.

Honorable Mentions: Zach LaVine $13,000, Elfrid Payton $12,500, J.J. Redick $10,000