Okay, it became an exercise in futility writing about the slates top plays when 98 percent of them were obvious choices. Instead, going forward, I’m going to concentrate strictly on value plays. Any player under the price of $4,500 is eligible.


Stephanie Talbot (PHO) vs NY $3,500

With Diana Taurasi serving a one-game suspension for a forearm thrown during Friday’s game, her 30-plus minutes per game will get spread around to the other guards on the team. Danielle Robinson and Leilani Mitchell will be the biggest benefactors, but Talbots minutes have gone up in each of the first three games, as has her production. On a night where you are going to spend the majority of your salary cap on the high-priced forwards, her $3,500 price is very appealing.

Epiphanny Prince (NY) @ PHO $4,500

With Brittany Boyd likely done for the year, Prince will be given ample opportunity to step up for the Liberty. She hasn’t played particularly well in the first two games, but she gets good minutes off the bench and her five steals over the first two games helps her score FanDuel points to lessen the blow of her offensive struggles.

Alex Bentley (CON) @ MIN $4,500

The good news, her second game was better than her first. The bad news, her second game wasn’t very good either and she turned the ball over four times. I’m going to go to the well once more and hope this time I can find water. Her 36 minutes in the last game is a good sign that she will at least be on the court, now if she can just give us a good game.


Alyssa Thomas (CON) @ MIN $4,500 *GTD

Chances are, you’re going to be paying up for forwards on this slate. For one, all the overall best players on the slate are playing the forward position, and when you couple that with the fact that there is very little value to be had at the position, you will have no choice. My two value forwards are dependent one each other. If Alyssa Thomas plays, then she is the value forward you want, if she does not play, then the player you want is Lynetta Kizer. Even though Thomas is likely yo put up more FanDuel points over Kizer if she plays, I’d almost rather her be out so I can get the salary relief that Kizer offers.

Lynetta Kizer (CON) @ MIN $3,600

If Thomas is out, she is more or less the only viable value forward on the slate. She isn’t a world-beater by any means, but at $3,600, she is a viable option.

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