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One thing we really love at is fantasy sports. It’s what we live and breathe — most of the time. And while our main focus is, of course, fantasy football (NFL), basketball (NBA and WNBA) and baseball (MLB), we thought it was about time we highlighted a few other fantasy sports, too. After all, we do strive to be your “one stop shop for all your fantasy sports”. Here, then, is our guide to some of the other fantasy sports out there that you can play…

Given that we are based in the United States (in Woodbridge, Virginia, to be precise), we don’t tend to focus that much on soccer, but over the other side of the pond, fantasy soccer is massively popular — although there it’s referred to as “fantasy football”. Players usually have to pick a team of players while keeping within a set budget, although in some versions, such as the Draft Fantasy Football, each Premier League player can “only be owned by a single team in your a league at any one time”.

Another sport that has gotten the fantasy treatment is golf, with plays typically based on results from the U.S. PGA Tour and the European Tour. There are several fantasy golf leagues, including those run by Today’s Golfer, bunkered, the Golf Channel, and Yahoo, as well as the PGA Tour Fantasy Golf — the latter requiring players to pick six PGA Tour professionals with scoring based on a player’s performance and the players competing in either private or public groups.

Next up on our list is fantasy tennis and it is a relatively new phenomenon, having been launched earlier this year ahead of the Australian Open 2017. The Fantasy Tennis League, as it is known, requires players to select a squad of 16 players from a budget of $100 million. All the ATP and WTP players are available and if you haven’t set one up yet, now is a great time to do so, as the U.S. Open — the final Grand Slam event of the year — takes place at the end of the month at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. Last year’s surprise winner was Stan Wawrinka, and it is expected that he will again be among the top picks, along with the likes of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray.

Our fourth fantasy sport to highlight here is fantasy hockey, with most based around the NHL (National Hockey League) here in the U.S. and Canada. Probably the most well-known fantasy hockey league is run by the NHL itself via Yahoo, although others are also available from the likes of ESPN and Dobber Hockey. There is also a variety of leagues that you can compete in: some just for fun and others require an entry fee with the overall winner then bagging some or all of the deposited funds.

Finally, if you like motor racing and fantasy NASCAR, you can also indulge in fantasy Formula One. There are several variants, including prediction based, and those that are more involved like iGP Manager in which players not only select drivers and engineers but also develop “your” car and technology, too. iGP Manager is also apparently endorsed by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“I’ve enjoyed auto racing management style games for years. iGP Manager does a great job of providing an easy to understand fun experience for me and my friends,” Earnhardt Jr. says on the official iGP Manager website.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there, as there is fantasy cricket, fantasy rugby, fantasy snooker, fantasy athletics, and even fantasy wrestling available. Whatever you opt for, it is clear that fantasy sports leagues are massively popular and rightly so, we say. Have fun picking your team/players!


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