Durant’s Ring Isn’t Tainted

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Kevin Durant is a champion, whether you like it or not.

The former Thunder forward packed his bags and took his talents to Oakland last summer to join the juggernaut Warriors. A move that all but sealed his odds of winning a title.

The future has unfolded as many of us thought and the Warriors are now NBA Champions. LeBron might be the best player on earth, which he is so don’t try to argue that, but not even he can take down the Curry-Durant-ThompsonGreen lineup.

With Durant’s ring comes a slew of criticism. People will discount it because he made a super team even stronger by joining them. They’ll call him a coward for, “taking the easy way out” and start reminiscing about the good old days when superstars “earned” their titles.

Let me break something to those who keep bashing Durant.

His ring still counts, get over it.

Laker fans didn’t complain when Shaq came over and teamed up with Kobe. They didn’t complain when legends like Gary Payton and Karl Malone signed with the Lakers in order to chase a ring. They didn’t complain when Steve Nash and Dwight Howard joined Kobe and Pau for a ring chasing excursion.

Heat fans didn’t complain when LeBron and Bosh decided to join Wade to form a super team and win titles in Miami.

Boston fans didn’t complain when KG and Ray Allen found themselves in Boston with Paul Pierce.

Cavalier fans didn’t complain when LeBron came back and freed Kevin Love from Minnesota to join Kyrie and form that super team.

Is the picture becoming clearer?

Be honest for a moment. You’re not angry that Durant went to Golden State, you’re angry that he didn’t join your team. I’m not a gambling man but I bet that if Durant and a few stars decided to join your squad to win titles you’d be yipping with glee.

My point? We can’t tell athletes that only rings matter then chastise them for chasing the standards we set.

It’s hypocritical and illogical.

Golden State is being rewarded with the fruits of their labor. That team was built through the draft and smart free agency signings. Durant joining was just the icing on the cake. If you’re mad that they are positioned to dominate for the next four years then take it up with the collective bargaining agreement. The Warriors are abiding by the same rules as everyone else, they are just better at playing the game (pun intended). The question now is, does Durant keep his word on taking less money now that he is a finals MVP?

As always, thanks for reading.

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Never fight the funk, ever.

Latest posts by Matthew (see all)


Never fight the funk, ever.

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He joined a 73 win team


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