Fantasy Baseball: News and Notes Week 2

Every year during this point of the season fantasy owners massively overreact to what has transpired in the previous weeks. Whether they get WAY TOO HIGH on a player or trade an established player who is off to a slow start, people make too much out of the first few weeks. I here to tell you all what to make out of the first couple weeks of the season and how it is playing out.

Bryce Harper went 3/5 with 2 homers on Sunday one of them being a walk off 3 run homer. If you didn’t believe in him pre draft, now you should be all in and if you’re lucky enough to own him sit back and enjoy his comeback season.

Miguel Sano is off to a terrific start with 3 homers and 12 rbi and a .250 batting average. This is what you should expect from Sano as he will give you massive unmatched power and around a .250 batting average. Sano was being overlooked this preseason and was someone who people gave up on after his disappointing 2016 season.

Devon Travis and Anthony Rendon are both off to terrible starts but don’t worry. It looks as if Rendon is starting to get going as evidence by his 5 hits in his last 14 at bats. As for Devon Travis, I assume most of his struggles are rust related because he missed most of spring training with a leg injury. His bat should get going soon.

Eric Thames is going off right now and has hit 5 homers in his last 4 games. If you own him, sell immediately. 99% of the guys that come from the KBL (Korean Baseball League) suck and this is no different. Thames hasn’t played in the big leagues for a few seasons so it’s to be expected that pitchers don’t know how to pitch to him yet. Once the league figures him out he will stink.

Marcell Ozuna is batting .400 with 18 rbi so far. Ozuna is an interesting player because before his wrist injury last season he was playing as one of the best outfielders in baseball. He also got rushed through minor leagues which left him to develop in the majors. Maybe this is just an aberration or maybe he is in store for a career year. I’d bet on the first.

Mitch Haniger was a popular preseason sleeper and so far has lived up to the lofty expectations. I would sell him now because of the fact that pitchers don’t know how to pitch to him yet. Similar to Eric Thames, the league will figure him out.

Ervin Santana and James Paxton are off to fire starts as they have allowed a combined 1 earned run in 43 innings. I would sell Ervin Santana but would keep Paxton. We know what Ervin Santana is and what he is, is a league average pitcher. James Paxton was one of my favorite breakouts and while he won’t have a 0.00 era he will still be an SP2 and potentially a low end SP1, he’s legit. The only problem with Paxton is that the most amount of innings he has thrown in a season is 121. He is always injured as well but while healthy will be a serviceable pitcher.

Kendall Graveman lands on the DL with a shoulder injury on Monday. If you hadn’t traded him by now, do it. Graveman is terrible and was playing way over his head before his injury.

Alex Bregman is off to a very slow start and slid down to 6th in the batting order. I’m a huge fan of Bregman’s skills and now is the time to buy low on him. People don’t know this about Bregman but he was the best minor leaguer since Kris Bryant and and flew threw the Astros system. This kid has all the tools to be a successful and it’s only a matter of time before he gets going.

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