Gary Sanchez is 0/10 with three strikeouts to start the season. These results may not slow down the hype train but, as I’ve thought, everybody’s expectations for this guy are way out of whack.

Jake Lamb went 0/4 with three strikeouts and a gidp all versus southpaws against the Giants on Sunday. As is well publicized, Lamb can’t hit lefties at all as evidenced by his .164 batting average them last year.He did, however, bat cleanup against one of the best lefties in the game which shows the amount of confidence the Diamondbacks have with lamb.

Death, taxes, and Bryce Harper opening day homers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Harper will have a huge comeback season.

Carlos Correa homered in his second at bat against Felix Hernandez on Monday. Last season, people were expecting way too much out of Correa and they were all forgetting he was a 21-year-old shortstop entering his first full big league season. Expect big things this year.

Andrew Benintendi smashed a three-run ding-dong off of Gerrit Cole Monday at Fenway. The hype train around Benintendi is absurd and expectations are going off the rails. He may have homered yesterday but he may only hit 10-15 more all season. If, he continues to hit out of the two-hole expect solid production.

Xander Bogaerts hit sixth yesterday but produced a solid overall game with two hits and two stolen bases.

Why is Xander Bogaerts batting sixth? I guess back to back seasons of a .290 plus batting average, .350 plus on base, and a combined 388 hits get you a six spot in the batting order and the guy who replaced you has played 34 big league games prior to this season. Ugh.

Miguel Sano homered off Danny Duffy Monday and drew a bases-loaded walk. Dude has power that is all but unmatched in the league but the problem in his short big league career is strikeouts. If he can drop his strikeout rate to 30% or less, watch out.

Mike Trout hit a homer. Yeah, so there’s that.

Clayton Kershaw carved up the horrid Padres lineup with 8k’s in 7 innings allowing one earned run. Best starting pitcher in the game vs. worst batting order in baseball. That’s what we should expect from baseball’s best pitcher.

One start into his season and Noah Syndergaard is already hurt. Here we go AGAIN. What do the Mets do to their rotation? Why are all these guys always hurt?

This is another reason why you shouldn’t draft pitching early. If you can, avoid every pitcher in the Mets rotation as they all have injury concerns.

Justin Verlander was dominant Tuesday striking out 10 White Sox’s. I thought that Verlander would fall off a cliff this season because of all the innings on his arm. This start gives me hope this may not happen.

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