As we enter into the NBA all-star break, which feels to be one of the longest all-star breaks in all of sports. Fantasy owners are able to assess their teams, and with trade deadlines approaching in most fantasy basketball leagues, these are some players you need to stash or get off your team immediately.

Sell High

G Thomas Satoransky, WSH

Thomas Satoransky is the backup point guard for the Washington Wizards. The injury of John Wall has pushed Satoransky into the starting role. Averaging just over 11.5 PPG along with 6 APG. Satoransky has been a reliable point guard option in deeper leagues. However, if you have Satoransky trade him NOW. His role will completely diminish with the return of Wall, as Wall plays most of the game. His value is at an all-time high right now as over the past 15 days his fantasy rating has skyrocketed to just over 8. In my opinion, trading Satoransky now to get a viable option back in return would be the smartest move at this point.


F/C Royce O’Neale, UTA

I am going to be completely honest, I have never heard of Royce O’Neale in my life, I decided to do a little research on him. He played 2 years at the University of Baylor and went undrafted in the 2015 NBA Draft. He played a couple seasons in what is now called the G-League and was signed by the Utah Jazz earlier in the season. In the past seven games, O’Neale has averaged 10.5 PPG 5 RPG and 3 APG. Now, I don’t really expect for a ton of fantasy owners to own this guy, considering he’s been in and out of the G-League. But, it appears he has had some impact on the Jazz success in the past 7 games, while the Jazz have gone on this crazy win streak headed into all-star break.

So my thought process is, if you own Royce O’Neale in your fantasy league, don’t own him. Trade him, drop him do whatever you have to do to get him off of your team. I have never been surer of anything that this guy’s value will drop and he will come back to earth. I doubt he will have any trade value due to his name weight. But hey, if someone reads his fantasy rating the past 15 games and sees that it is over 6 and they take him, then yes trade him. He is a nice player, but I just don’t think there is any chance Royce O’Neale is going to keep up this performance of a solid NBA role player.


G/F Reggie Bullock, DET

Reggie Bullock had high expectations coming out of North Carolina. Being a first-round pick, bouncing around teams, in and out of the G-League, Bullock has finally found a home in Detroit. I will say one part of Bullock’s game that has been consistent, is the man can shoot. He has been in the top five in three-point percentage all year. All of the sudden, his points have taken off averaging  15.4 PPG in his past five games. Bullock is a nice player, but I don’t see his value go up anymore in fact, I think it plummets from here. Bullock on the year is averaging only 9 PPG and is not really known for doing anything else. In this past five-game stretch, Bullock is only averaging 3.8 RPG and less than 3 APG. So, Reggie Bullock, good fantasy add for a short period of time, only if you plan on trading him!

Buy Low 

G Kris Dunn, CHI

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Being from Chicago and being a Bulls fan I can say the entire city of Chicago slept on Kris Dunn when he was involved in the Jimmy Butler trade to Minnesota. But the truth is, Kris Dunn can really play, he is a lockdown defender that can get you up to four steals per game. Dunn on the year is averaging 13.5 PPG, and took a nasty fall on a fast break layup that caused him to miss a month of time due to a concussion. Dunn had his first game back only scoring 8 points. If I have some pieces to trade I am trying to get Kris Dunn any way possible.

He thrives in the steals category which is such a hard category to lock down, not to mention he scores and assists too. He also starts for the Bulls, expect 30 minutes per game, around 15 PPG and around 2.3 SPG as the year winds down. Kris Dunn is a must acquire point guard for as long as he has been out, with the addition of having a slow start coming back, fantasy owners could get a little jumpy, so inquiring about him wouldn’t be the worst thing to do.

G/F T.J. Warren, PHX

T.J. Warren is slept on so heavy, he plays in the small market of Phoenix, and that’s pretty much what anybody knows about him. Actually, Warren led the nation in scoring his last year at NC State. Currently, is averaging 19.9 PPG. However, he is inconsistent which is understandable for a young developing, scoring forward in the NBA. Warren will throw together a 31 point performance and follow it up with an 8 point performance. With his name weight being literally nothing I recommend people inquire about him immediately. With the Suns really having no current direction and sort of relying on Devin Booker, Warren is going to get multiple opportunities.

An interesting way to look at it also is, the Suns are most likely going to get a top 5 pick. If they get Trae Young on top of Booker, and T.J. Warren, with a sprinkle of Chriss, Bender, and Len, the Suns could be a dangerous team down the road. As far as current fantasy status, T.J. Warren is a deadly scorer and should be traded for immediately and because of his name weight, he should be easy to acquire.

F Jabari Parker, MIL

Parker was the Number 2 selection in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. Now Jabari has had two major knee surgeries, he’s torn his ACL twice and most fantasy owners aren’t expecting much but, Jabari has produced whenever he has been on the floor. When he played a full season back in 2015-2016 he did average just over 14 PPG and the year after when he played 52 games he averaged just over 20 PPG. So, Parker could always play and has produced whenever he has been healthy, the only problem is staying healthy. If I see Parker on the wire he is definitely worth the risk. I wouldn’t sell a producing player for Parker especially if you can get him for a low price. But, since Parker has come back he hasn’t really produced this year. Some of it has to do with getting back to the NBA lifestyle and the other part of it I believe is the minute restrictions. Parker is an excellent talent and I would see what it would take to get him because if he figures it out late in the season that’s a 20 a game scorer for your team for a very low price.

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