With the fantasy basketball season rapidly coming to a close, there are players out there that need to be added in order for your team to push for a fantasy title. Some of these players are going through a rough stretch but with patience, they will almost certainly turn it around, and as always, on the other hand, there are players that might be going through a hot streak but will eventually cool off. Here are the players you need to add or drop for this week!

Sell High

Fantasy Basketball Sell High Buy Low Week 22Nemanja Bjelica F MIN

Bjelica is a cool prospect, with an interesting makeup.  Bjelicia is widely known all throughout Europe. Bjelica was actually the Euro-league MVP and Serbian player of the year in 2015. So when Bjelica came to the United States much has been expected. However, he just has not lived up to the hype. His NBA career has been less than sub-par averaging only 5.7 points in two seasons with the Timberwolves.

However, the past five games Bjelica has gone through a little bit of a hot streak that we haven’t seen before. He’s averaged 14.4 PPG along with just over 8 and a half rebounds per game. However, as appealing as this is to the fantasy eye. I don‘t think this guy could be a long-term stash for your fantasy roster. Mostly because he hasn’t proved that he has been able to handle the adjustment to the NBA. So overall, I think as interesting as Bjelica is to most owners, I think you can ride this hot streak out but once he goes back to mediocrity, I think he is a must drop.


F Corey Brewer OKCFantasy Basketball Sell High Buy Low Week 22

Corey Brewer has not had a “productive” season since 2015 with the Rockets when he averaged 7.6 PPG. Brewer was thrown on the end of the bench with the Lakers during their rebuild process from 2016 until the middle of this year. Since the trade deadline, Brewer reached a buyout with the Lakers and eventually signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since the buyout Brewer has played 3 games with the Thunder and has averaged 13 PPG and 2.25 RPG. I don’t think there is anyway on earth you could rely on Corey Brewer to help you down the stretch. Brewer the past couple games has shown no ability to be versatile in any of the other categories. Brewer is only really “kind of” dominating in points and like I said he’s really not even doing that, with only an average of 13 PPG in the past 3 games, and with the depth that the Thunder have on their roster, with Ferguson, Abrines, and Patterson, I don’t see Brewer helping many fantasy rosters out. So if he is on the wire, leave him there.

Fantasy Basketball Sell High Buy Low Week 22F Caris LeVert, BKN

Caris LeVert was the Michigan prodigy taken 20th overall in the 2016 NBA draft. Many teams were skeptical of LeVert’s value after he had a season-ending injury his senior season at Michigan. Anyways, LeVert has always had the ability to score and we saw that when he was at Michigan as he dominated other Big 10 opponents. LeVert just hasn’t had the same success in the NBA. After an awful rookie season on a bad Brooklyn Nets team, where LeVert only averaged 8.2 PPG. He has a lot of potential but he does scare me, LeVert has had a lot of opportunities and had a lot of playing time on a brutal Nets team. However, we have seen a quick flash with LeVert, averaging just under 17 and a half a game along with just under 5 and a half assists per game over the past four games. However, I just don’t think he is going to keep it up. Allen Crabbe has seemed to get way more playing time and I just think LeVert is not someone you can rely on to win you a championship. Ride the hot streak out but, much like Bjelica once the streak is over he should return to the wire.

Buy Low 

G/F Josh Richardson MIAFantasy Basketball Sell High Buy Low Week 22

Richardson is a surprisingly valuable option in fantasy basketball. I don’t know if he will be available in your league, but he provides value in a variety of different categories that are extremely valuable. Josh Richardson averages just under 0.9 BPG which is amazing for a shooting guard. Richardson will go games with two maybe even three blocks. An outstanding perimeter defender he helps Miami in ways that cannot be measured. Richardson also can shoot, which means adding value to not only points but three-pointers made is extremely valuable as well. I traded Richardson in my league thinking he was on a hot streak and got in return Jaylen Brown a couple weeks back. Richardson, as I said, provides value in Blocks, Steals, Points, and Three-Pointers Made. Richardson absolutely is a must add if he is available in your league. He is going through a slow streak now not having a block in the past three games. But, if you are in need of a defensive guard presence, Richardson is your guy.


DeAaron Fox G SAC

I am a HUGE DeAaron Fox fan. The Kings are in tank mode. Fully blown tank mode. They have announced they are resting their veterans and will start the young players the rest of the way. So guys such as Fox, Hield, Labissiere and Carley-Stein are all players to target. Fox has immense talent, a young quick left-handed point guard that can finish at will and add steals? Yes, please! I think any game Fox can find it and quickly pop off and help you win a championship. He has had a bunch of rookie growing pains getting used to back to backs and staying consistent but, if he figures it out he’s going to have a great rest of the season. Fox, I believe in the next couple of years could be one of the best point guards in the league. I think Fox is absolutely worth the add!


Josh Jackson F PHX

Josh Jackson is not another one of those weirdly unproductive talented Phoenix Suns players. Guys like Ulis, Chriss, Len, and Payton. Jackson, however, has been different, he has produced in fact he’s actually had a 29 point game, as well as a 20 and 12 game and for a guy who has been labeled as a “defensive only” type of guy Jackson’s adjustment to the NBA, has been quite easy. However, as a rookie, Jackson will go through some of those growing pains as all rookies do. I believe since he is going through a tough streak right now averaging 7 points in his past two games, Jackson might be on the wire in some leagues. If he is, he is an immediate add. Jackson provides rebounds, steals, points, and blocks. I think as a role player Jackson could absolutely help you win a league. Jackson if he keeps this up could be a formidable player and could eventually peak into superstar conversation within the next couple of years. Overall, if you see Jackson on your wire, you should add him, bottom-line.

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