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The playoffs rolled on and, for a moment, it seemed like we were in store for another weekend of boring games.

Man did that change on Sunday. It’s like the Packers/Cowboys and Steelers/Chiefs decided to make up for all the awful football we’ve consumed during the playoffs. I don’t want to give it all away so let’s start the drive.

1st Down: Aaron Rodgers > any quarterback you can think of. No, seriously. What we saw Sunday in Dallas was nothing more than spectacular. Rodgers continued his hot streak and cut through that Cowboy secondary like Jason’s machete at Camp Crystal Lake. After being down 21-13 at the half Dallas started playing like the number one seed in the NFC. Dez Bryant WENT OFF and Zeke started to gain form.

Unfortunately, due to some questionable clock management, Dallas gave the GOAT too much time to lead his team down the field. A last second field goal sent Dallas home prematurely.

A dominant regular season, great skill players, the number one seed, Super Bowl expectations, all of that only to be ousted in their first playoff game.

It’s like Romo never left.

No worries, though. Dallas is used to leaving the playoffs early.

Breath easy, America. We don’t have to hear, “we dem boys” for eight months.

I’ll just leave this here.

2nd Down: Eric Fisher has got to be the sickest man in Kansas City. Sunday night after scoring a touchdown that pulled them within a two point conversion of tying the game, Fisher committed an egregious hold that took the successful conversion off the board. That was the story for the Chiefs Sunday against the Steelers: 10 yards forward, 15 yard penalty backwards. Pittsburgh advanced to the AFC Title game and will go against Brady and friends. The Patriots made light work out of Houston and will host another title game.

How important is having an elite quarterback? Since 2004 the only quarterbacks to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl are Peyton Manning (4), Tom Brady (5), Ben Roethlisberger (3), and Joe Flacco (1).

3rd Down: Atlanta gets to do something historic on Sunday. The last game in the Georgia Dome could catapult the Falcons to the Super Bowl. All they have to do is stop a red hot Aaron Rodgers and a Green Bay team that’s on fire. Simple, right? The Falcons have a history of showing up small in the biggest moments and no moment will be bigger than Sunday. Julio Jones claims his foot is okay so a sigh of relief can be had. If the Falcons have a shot Sunday then Vic Beasley and his straight backs are going to have to torment Rodgers all day. The Falcons are known for a fast paced offense but a ball control method should be deployed Sunday. One way to beat Green Bay is to keep 12 off the field. Actually, that’s probably the only way. Atlanta has more than enough horses to outrun the Packers but, as we saw against Dallas, anything can happen.

4th Down: Prediction time. Last week I went 2-2 prediction wise and I’m 5-3 throughout the playoffs.

  • Green Bay vs. Atlanta (Sunday @ 3:05 on Fox) As stated earlier, Atlanta has a history of coming up small in big moments. They buck the trend again this week and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. Rodgers gives a herculean effort  but Atlanta has too much firepower to be silenced. See you in Houston, Falcons. 34-31
  • Pittsburgh vs. New England (Sunday @ 6:40 on CBS) You’d think that not having Gronk would hurt New England but somehow they’ve found themselves in another AFC Title Game. Pittsburgh squeaked one out against Kansas City and comes to New England confident. In order to beat the Patriots  you have to take the same approach as beating Green Bay, keep 12 off the field. Luckily for Pittsburgh they have one of the best backs in the game. This won’t go over well up north but Pittsburgh punches their ticket to Super Bowl LI. Give me the Steelers 24-21.

Extra Tidbits: Ain’t no way James Harrison is 37. Welcome to the NFL, Jadeveon. Nice of you to join us. AB was out of line but there’s no way the Steelers are going to suspend him. He would be running stairs until whatever is holding his hair together falls out.

One more time.



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Never fight the funk, ever.

Latest posts by Matthew (see all)


Never fight the funk, ever.

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