1. First Down

On Sunday afternoon America turned their televisions to Fox in hopes that “America’s Game of the Week” would be worth their time. Unfortunately, the fans had to watch the Cowboys stink up the joint while the Seahawks beat them 24-13. Seattle’s offense finally got the spark they’ve been looking for while Dak and company can’t seem to generate anything threatening outside of handing off to Zeke.

Earl Thomas had two interceptions and reminded the Cowboys why they should have pulled the trigger this offseason to get him. Dallas can still go out and snag the All-Pro safety but the price is probably more than the Cowboys want to pay or can even afford. If Dallas was smart, which they’ve proven that they aren’t, it’d be wise to not fall into the Earl Thomas trap and trade much needed draft capitol to obtain a safety that may or may not have three great years left.

They need to start looking long term.

According to Over the Cap, Dallas is scheduled to have $70 million in cap space this offseason. That’s a lot of money but in the very near future the Cowboys will have to pay Demarcus Lawrence, Dak, and Zeke. Lawrence is playing under the franchise tag currently and Dak will be a free agent in 2020. Dallas has a little more flexibility with Zeke because they can pick up his fifth year option, making him a free agent in 2021. Dallas is in desperate need of a true number one receiver and may have the chance to get Kelvin Benjamin or Golden Tate in free agency. So why throw picks and cash at Thomas when you can help your offense by signing some much needed receiver help then drafting one in the first round?

If Dallas wants to sacrifice long term success for Earl Thomas to only finish 8-8 well then that’s the most Dallas thing they can do.