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Oh, boy. What a week for the NFL. If you’re one of those “stick to sports” or “I use football as an escape” people then I suggest you just come back next week. It’s gonna get spicy in here.

With that, let’s start the drive.

1st Down: On Friday at a rally in Alabama the president made, to date, his most disturbing statement about professional athletes, and the NFL.

Let’s just gloss over the fact that no president has spent this much energy lashing out at a professional sports league while the world, including U.S. Territories, are suffering from natural disasters and focus on the task at hand.

Players heard the president’s comments loud and clear and most teams staged a protest in response. Many included taking a knee, sitting on the bench, locked arms, raised fists, and staying in the locker room during the anthem. Even owners joined in.

Let’s make a few things clear. For the owners, especially those who donated to the president’s campaign, your locked arms of “unity” rings hollow. Especially for the teams that know Kaepernick can make them better but won’t sign him in fear of “backlash.”

Secondly, let’s not forget what Kap’s protest is all about. Last year Colin took a knee to combat against police brutality and injustices against people of color. He did not protest against the president. There is more info from last week’s 4DT. Since protesting is the topic of discussion here’s a friendly reminder that protests aren’t designed to make you feel comfortable.

Thirdly, if you’re hot take is “millionaire athletes have nothing to complain about” then you’re corny and probably mad because you aren’t rich. Money doesn’t absolve people of color from racism or oppression. LeBron is the most powerful athlete on earth and he still has to face racism. Ask Brandon Mebane how those millions are helping his home search. Richard Sherman‘s Stanford degree and money didn’t save him from coded racism after the NFC Championship game in 2014. If you think money can eliminate racism then go to a corner and be quiet.

Fourthly, what if I told you that the DoD pays the NFL for this patriotism? Yes, the military uses the anthem, fly overs, massive flags, and everything else you scream is being disrespected by kneeling for recruiting purposes. Before the contract teams would stay in the locker room during the anthem.

Fifthly, let’s take a moment to recognize those who have been protesting a lot longer than Sunday. WNBA players have been carrying the fight over police brutality since the summer of 2016.

Also, I bet that every single person who stands to “respects the troops” will roll up the window and pretend they don’t see the homeless vet standing on the corner asking for a meal. Instead you tell them to get a job or “pull up their bootstraps.”

2nd Down: If that president’s comments weren’t enough for the NFL then the lawsuit filed by Aaron Hernandez‘s lawyer should fill the rest of the plate. The suit claims that the Patriots knowingly hid the true dangers of the sport. Last week Dr. Anne McKee, Boston University’s CTE Director, claimed that Hernandez had severe brain damage. Stage 3 (out of 4) is known to cause mood swings and depression. They claim that he had the brain of a 67 year old man and that it was the most severe case they’ve seen at his age.

This development doesn’t absolve Aaron for what he did but it does add an interesting layer to the CTE development.

Everyone knows that football is a dangerous sport and the risk it involves but if the lawyers can prove that the Patriots hid brain trauma from Hernandez, and the league, then both parties are in deep trouble. Earlier this year Gisele claimed that she thinks Tom Brady played, on many occasions, with a concussion. The Patriots don’t have a clean history with rules and this only adds to that perception. Stay tuned because this story has a lot more juice to squeeze.

3rd Down: I never thought I’d type these words but the Rams are the best team in the NFC West and have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. I don’t know if Sean McVay has Goff drinking Jordan’s magic formula from Space Jam but he looks like the number one overall pick.


Sammy Watkins is slowly coming to form and Todd Gurley has bounced back from last season. Throw in a defense that has Aaron Donald aka the best defensive player in the league and I don’t see how the Rams aren’t the favorite right now. To be fair, Seattle has always started off slow but they better pick up speed quickly before the division is out of reach.

4th Down: Many, including myself, thought that the Giants would win the NFC East. Right now they’re 0-3 (0-2 in the division) with the Buccaneers, Chargers, Broncos, and Seahawks up next. I’ll never count out big blue but it appears that if they don’t get 3 out of those 4 then they might as well start scouting for the draft. Also, it’s clear that Odell has extended Eli‘s career. Without those circus catches the Giants would have started the rebuild years ago.

Side note: Beckham’s pee celebration was hilarious and this is coming from and Eagles fan.

Extra Points: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more heartbreaking loss than what the Lions suffered. Players can now celebrate touchdowns but Von can’t pull the okey doke on Tyrod? REPLACE ROCKY’S STATUE WITH JAKE ELLIOT NOW!!!!

Last Thing: Last week I forgot to post links for natural disaster funds. The world is hurting and every dollar counts.

Barbuda Relief Fund

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund 

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund

Puerto Rico Relief Fund 

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As always, thanks for reading.

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