Ah, fall.

Leaves are changing, the air is cooler, and pumpkins are bombarding everything we consume. It also means that football season is a fourth of the way over. The cream of the crop is starting to rise and we get our first look at the playoff picture.

Let’s start the drive.

1st Down: I’m certain the people of San Diego have the windows rolled down blasting that Cee Lo to the Chargers organization. The team that dumped them for the bright lights of LA fell to 0-4 after losing to the Eagles Sunday. If losing didn’t sting enough then the lack of fan attendance is lemon juice in the wound. The Stubhub Center, the smallest stadium in the NFL, was taken over by Eagles fans essentially making it another home game for the birds.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when greed takes over common sense. The Chargers left because the people of San Diego, rightfully so, wouldn’t pay for a new stadium. Chargers ownership, like most owners, used leaving as a leverage tool to get the stadium deal done. (I can rant for hours on how cities should make billionaire owners build their own stadiums and not the taxpayers but that’s for another time.)  It didn’t work so now they’re in LA and will most likely play second fiddle to the Rams once their new stadium is complete.

TLC tried to tell us back in ’94 that listening to the rivers and lakes that we’re used to is beneficial. It’s a little early to call but moving to LA was a huge mistake. Sure, in theory, more people and a bigger market should equal more profit but that’s not the case here. There is a reason professional football has failed in LA over the years. There’s just too much going on. The league is in big trouble if the Chargers can’t sellout at 27,000 seat stadium with their own fans.

Laugh at your ex, San Diego. They’re doing a lot worse without you.

2nd Down: I’ll be the first to admit it; I was wrong about the Panthers. Sure, I expected them to be better but walking into New England and beating the Patriots is something I didn’t think they could do. Cam Newton returned to MVP form while completing 76% of his passes and tossing three touchdowns. He even rushed for a touchdown for good measure. At the quarter mark the Panthers are 3-1 and look like NFC South contenders. Each week Newton’s completion percentage has risen which is a sign that his shoulder is getting better. With the Falcons, Panthers, and improved Buccaneers it’s not impossible to think that the NFC South can send three teams to the playoffs.

3rd Down: Since 2007 the NFL has sent 19 games to London. Out of those games 11 have been blowouts. I’m not a savant of the game but it’s easy to see that the product just isn’t good when teams have to travel to another continent. One would think that the NFL would learn its lesson and accept that NFL London games aren’t sufficient for the brand but as we learned in first down: greed > common sense.

I did love, however, the moment Jay Cutler realized he should have stayed retired.


4th Down: Deshaun Watson put the AFC South on notice Sunday. The Clemson product threw four touchdowns and ran for another as the Texans molliwhopped the Titans 57-14. The Texans have always had a playoff caliber borderline Super Bowl contending team but quarterback was the achilles heel. Watson isn’t going to put up stats like that every week but he’s more than capable of leading this offense. We’ll have the opportunity to see this Texans attack on Sunday night as the Texans take on an undefeated Chiefs team in Houston.

Extra Points: Alex Smith for MVP? If you’re quarterback is struggling just go play the Patriots in Foxborough; it’ll fix him right up. Josh Norman‘s heart is as big as his mouth. How have we glossed over Philip River‘s temper tantrums over the years?


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