1. First Down

The defending Super Bowl champion Eagles lost to the Vikings on Sunday and fell to 2-3. Many fans will point to the bogus roughing the passer call at the end of the first half as the reason the Eagles have to hold their second L in a row.

We’ve spoken at length about how roughing the passer calls will start to change games and many people will throw this game in that category.

On the other hand, the Eagles had numerous opportunities to win this game. Jay Ajayi‘s fumble in the red zone, Carson‘s fluke fumble that was returned for a touchdown, Mills biting on ANOTHER double move, Doug Pederson’s bizarre challenge that burned a valuable timeout in the second half, the offense’s inability to score after the defense caused a turnover in Vikings’ territory, the offensive line’s terrible habit of getting Wentz hit waaayyyy too many times, and the penalties that kept pushing the offense back come to mind for reasons the team lost. One can blow steam at the officials all they want, and rightfully so, but this loss is Philadelphia’s fault.

Also, does it feels like Cousins is on the positive end of all the game-changing roughing the passer calls or is that just me? As one of many resident Eagle fans at GoingFor2, I wish the refs would treat Carson with the same level of fragility as Cousins.

Where’s the consistency?

To make matters worse starting running back Jay Ajayi has been placed on IR with a torn ACL. That leaves the Eagles with Darren Sproles, Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood, and Josh Adams. In other words, a not so inspiring group. The talks of the Eagles acquiring Le’Veon Bell just got a lot more serious. If the Eagles are going to repeat then they need serious help at two key positions (safety and running back for those keeping tabs) and fast. With that Jim Schwartz and his defensive staff have to find a way to hide Jalen Mills or replace him altogether. The Green Goblin is a fan favorite but teams are testing him with double moves numerous times every week and he keeps falling for it. At what point do you put Sidney Jones on the outside? You know, the stud corner from Washington that the Eagles snagged in the second round because he tore his Achilles during his pro day. Yes, he’s had his ups and downs this season but it can’t get any worse, right?

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The news isn’t all bad, though. Carson Wentz appears to be 100% and he and Alshon are quickly becoming the duo they were last year. Fletcher Cox has taken his play to another level, like defensive player of the year, and we have yet to see this team fully healthy. (We won’t now since Ajayi is gone but the point still remains). The NFC East is also weak this year so the Eagles will have plenty of opportunities to get this right. This team is still one of the most talented teams in the league. The question is, will it be too late when they do decide to put it all together?

The sky isn’t falling just yet but the sun isn’t shining, either.