1. Week two is in the books and oh man do we have a lot to talk about. That’s enough of an intro for me. Let’s start the drive.


2. First Down

It’s no secret that over the years the NFL’s main objective is to protect the quarterback at all cost. It makes perfect business sense; the quarterback makes the most money and is the main attraction. If he can’t play then that’s bad for business.

With that Sunday during the Vikings/Packers game Clay Matthews was penalized for hitting Kurt Cousins at the end of the game. Let’s recap.

That’s a clean hit no matter how you slice it. Had that flag not been thrown the Packers would have won the game. Instead, if gave the Vikings new life and the game ended in a tie.

Vikings fans will argue that the Packers had multiple chances to end the game after that penalty and they have a point. The fact still remains, though, that the league has made such and emphasis on protecting the quarterback that it’s starting to hurt the product on the field. We saw this during the preseason and it’s starting to bleed into games that matter. Now I’m not the guy who’s going to scream, “the NFL should stand for National Flag League” because that’s an insane thing to say. This is still the most violent game on earth by a country mile.

This call will come back to haunt the NFL all season. Too bad the league won’t take action until we have another “touchception” incident that happened during the referee strike.

It seems like Green Bay has a habit of being in the middle of a controversial calls.

3. Second Down

Patrick Mahomes has had the best start any QB in the league has ever had.

No, seriously…look at his numbers.

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I, for one, hate overreaction twitter but the things Mahomes has been able to do over two weeks is over the moon amazing. Kudos to Andy Reid for building the offense around Patrick’s strengths instead of forcing him into a mold that would ruin his development, also known as the Jeff Fischer way. Reid also gets props for sitting Patrick for a year to learn the speed of the game. Most top ten picks don’t have that luxury. The Chiefs’ defense is young and still going through growing pains but this offense makes them a Super Bowl contender, easily.

The Chiefs better win now because over the next three years Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Mahomes will be up for new contracts. You can’t pay everyone so winning while core players are on rookie deals is the new formula for today’s NFL.

For your viewing pleasure, I present Mahomes ten TD passes.

4. Third Down

On Sunday, the Bills went into halftime trailing the Chargers 28-6. Through six quarters of play the Buffalo offense had only mustered 9 points while their defense had given up 75. Vontae Davis saw the writing on the wall that this would be the norm and decided to call it a career before the team left the locker room to start the second half.

This, my friends, is the ultimate form of ghosting outside of leaving someone at the alter. The best part? HE DIDN’T TELL A SINGLE PERSON HE WAS RETIRING!

On one note his teammates and even the fans have every right to be pissed. The man quit on them during halftime of a week two contest.


As a person who is not a player nor fan of the Bills I find this to be hilarious. Davis essentially said, “I’d rather bounce week two then get my ass kicked every week until December.” On a certain level I understand. It’s one thing to be the whipping horse and not know it but when you see the organization trade the quarterback that led the team to the playoffs the previous year only to draft a guy who couldn’t win in the Mountain West Conference…I’d feel some type of way, too.

5. Fourth Down

After the draft the Giants were criticized for taking a running back number two overall. Eli is 37 and, outside of Baker, the Giants could have gotten their future signal caller. The criticism is fair but I understand how the G-Men fell in love with Barkley. He’s a generational running back and can carry an offense.

With that being said, it doesn’t matter who is behind center for New York if their offensive line doesn’t put some sort of effort to block. Eli was sacked six times Sunday night against Dallas. That offense has the potential to be lethal but if Eli is always on his back then the Giants will have a chance to draft their future passer because they’ll be drafting in the top five again.

Random note, is it just me or does Eli give us a new meme every time he’s on Sunday Night Football?

6. Extra Points

DeSean Jackson torching the Eagles is as guaranteed as Shannon Sharpe giving us a saying that only people from the South can understand.

The Patriots freed Josh Gordon from Cleveland. Belichick is the finesse king I tell you.

AB the troll GAWD.

A weekly reminder that Jon Gruden traded Khalil Mack LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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As always, thanks for reading.

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