5. First Down 

So…about the Texans.

One of the, if not, the hottest team in the league let the Colts walk in their building and SMOKE them. The best part of this game was T.Y. Hilton‘s troll game when entering the stadium.

A little background. Hilton had commented that the Colts were playing in their second home. Texans corner Johnathan Joseph took exception to that comment and called him a clown.

Hilton went on to catch five balls for 85 yards, leading his team in both categories.

Andrew Luck, the comeback player of the year if you’re wondering, had a pretty good game. He went 19/32 (59%) for 222 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He’s starting to look like the guy that was supposed to replace The Sheriff.

So what’s next for Indianapolis?

A date with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

The Colts ranked sixth in the league in passing defense and that’s going to be put to the test when they have to guard Tyreek, Kelce, Watkins, and Ware.

As much of a feel good story as this can be it won’t be close. The Chiefs win this game 35-21.

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4.  Second Down

If you didn’t hear from one of the many fans coming out of their time machine; the Cowboys beat the Seahawks Saturday. Zeke led the way with 137 yards rushing with one TD on the ground and receiving. Dak didn’t have a bad game, either. He threw for 226 yards, threw for a touchdown, ran for one, and threw and interception. The play of the game, though, was his QB draw on third and fourteen.

That’s the stuff that makes legends.

Jason Garrett catches a lot of flak, and deservedly so but calling a QB draw was genius and paid dividends. You know the defense will be in zone and backpedaling so why not run right at them?

Now Dallas gets to travel to LA for a showdown with the Rams. The point spread is -7 for the Rams and that feels about right. The Rams, at home, are lethal but the Cowboys’ defense is the key for an offense that struggles to score.

The outcome? The Rams cover the spread and win 28-21.

3. Third Down

The Eagles walked into Chicago Sunday and upset the third seeded Bears. The Nick Foles magic hat had one more bunny inside.

Well, it was Trayvon Hester who tipped the game winning field goal but the point still remains. It appears that the same Eagle team that ran roughshot through the playoffs last year has arrived and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Which is great because they’re going to need everything in their arsenal to get by the Saints in New Orleans. The two teams played in week 11 and the Saints THROTTLED Philadelphia 48-7. They even threw salt in the wound by going for it on 4th down with a big lead.

As the tweet references, there is no love lost between these two squads and Kamara is the root of it.

Last year, after losing to the Vikings in the playoffs, Kamara had this to say about going into Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game had they won:

Oh but this story gets a lot better.

The Eagles started dawning a ski mask every time the cause a turnover. It’s cool but the Saints claim they originated that idea and threw a few shots at the Eagles.

This game is going to be really interesting or a snooze fest. The Eagles have everything going for them but the Saints, in the end, might be too much for a secondary that’s still inexperienced.

Saints get the win 30-27

2. Fourth Down

Phillip Rivers is going to Foxborough with two healthy knees and the world can’t wait.

For the younger readers. In 2007 Rivers and the San Diego Chargers (they will always be from San Diego don’t @ me) went into New England for the AFC Championship game. The Chargers would end up losing 21-12 but Rivers played with a torn ACL.

Seriously, check out the highlights.

This game will be the matchup of the week. The Chargers have the better record but again, because of stupid seeding rules, have to travel across the country for another 1:00 kickoff. Brady is damn near unbeatable at home but this time will be different. Rivers is on fire and so is this team.

They will leave New England victorious 28-24.

The Rivers will continue to flow.

1. Extra Points

Arizona hired Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach. Let’s see if he’s done anything to deserve this position.

Let’s also not forget he picked Davis Webb over Baker Mayfield and never won more than seven games with PATRICK MAHOMES!

I hope the NCAA allows the students who committed to USC because of Kliff being their OC transfer without having to sit out a year but they’re crooks so I doubt it.

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As always, thanks for reading.

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