Their has been plenty of chatter already for the upcoming NFL Season. This means that we are almost ready to start studying this years new crop of rookies, new coaches, new philosophies and systems. With that, means it’s time to dig into statistics, depth charts, players tendencies and much more.

Now is as good time as ever to start thinking about draft strategies. Today lets focus on Half Point Per Reception and if it should change the way you draft your team.We’ve all seen glimpses of articles touting that we can use the strategy to forgo drafting running backs to the very end/ similar to advice in years past where it was said to just wait out drafting quarterbacks. The key here is to always have a good mix of players that will be reliable first so they aren’t just waiting in the wings. But really those can be useful assets especially if you are part of dynasty leagues which changes the dynamics a bit but still patience is always a virtue.

So what kind of mindset should we carry in half point per reception leagues? The old narrative is still true, most of the time everyone is thinking the same thing as you. Quarterbacks in todays game are fairly easy to identify, their seems to be a good amount that pretty much everyone (especially 12 man standard) gets to draft a stud QB. This is where we need to pay more attention to players that have a more all around diverse game. Keep your eyes peeled for the dynamic playmakers. The more catch passing running backs on your squad, the better. The more target monster wideout and tight ends you can find room for the better. It is perfectly fine to draft a few players that are falling a little under the radar too.

If half point per reception is on your radar this upcoming NFL season make sure you tweak your decision making system ever so slightly. Their is never such thing as a bad pick just make sure they are tailor made for the settings of your particular league. Don’t forget that Defenses and kickers get you points too, just do yourself a favour and save those for towards the end.

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