What’s up guys! Most of you know me from my DFS and fantasy articles, but I also dabble in the sports betting world as well. From now on I will be doing a weekly post about my favorite bets for the coming weekend (NCAA Football, NFL, some NBA, player props) The key to making money in sports betting is to look at easy scenarios to exploit. Spreads & O/U’s can help build a bankroll, but money lines are the easiest way to make a nice return on your investment. It’s not about doubling your money or hitting a big parlay…it’s about just getting nice, steady returns on smart bets. Here were my bets from this last week:

$100 to win $91.97 on a parlay of Alabama ML, Cavaliers ML, & LSU ML  Win

$39 to win $33.23 on a teaser of Chargers +15, Redskins +12, and Rams -2.5 Win

$6 to win $5.45 on the over in the Minnesota/Providence game  Loss

$250 to win $133.46 on a parlay of Celtics ML & Central Michigan ML  Win

$100 to win $36.24 on Spurs ML  Win

$25 to win $11.14 on Nevada CBB ML   Win

Here are some bets I will be making this week, let’s make some money!!

1Parlay of Buffalo ML over Ball State paired with Chiefs ML over Giants.
$1,000 to win $299.95

My thinking: A good friend of mine goes to Ball State and I give him grief all the time for how bad his football team is. They have two wins on the season and one of them is against Tennessee Tech, which I just learned was an actual university 30 seconds ago. They are getting blown out by other MAC Conference opponents with losses to Akron 31-3, CMU 56-9, Toldeo 58-17, and Eastern Mich 56-14. Buffalo has 3 losses by a combined 5 points. They will not lose this game, I guarantee it. Some people had the Giants as sleeper Super Bowl contenders after the additions of Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram…boy what a disaster 2017 has been for them. They are coming off a loss to the 49ers, which officially marked the season as “tanking for a franchise QB” year now. The Chiefs were the best team in football a few short weeks ago, but have lost against very tough opponents in Pittsburgh, Oakland by 1, and Dallas on the road. Ben McAdoo has lost this team and they are showing it with their effort on the field. Chiefs should win easy, as the line moved from -420 to -480.

2Parlay of Notre Dame ML over Navy paired with Iowa ML over Purdue.
$500 to win $230.90

My Thinking: This is my home field advantage parlay. Notre Dame is coming off an embarrassing loss to Miami (for the record, I thought Miami would win that game) but they get an easy matchup in South Bend against a surprisingly tough Navy team. They have beaten several ranked opponents this year and aren’t going to let Navy bully them at home. Iowa has one of the best home-field advantages in the country (Just ask Ohio State) Purdue isn’t as bad as they once were, but they haven’t won a single road game this year and it’s not going to come this weekend in Iowa City (They lost to fucking Rutgers on the road) Iowa’s defense is excellent, Purdue will be lucky to score 14.

3Cleveland Browns +7.5 against the Jacksonville Jaguars
$100 to win $95.24

My Thinking: I legitimately believe that Cleveland might win this football game, but I’m not crazy enough to do a moneyline bet on it of course. Jacksonville’s offense without Fournette is the worst in the league. Cleveland’s defense is great against the run, but terrible against the pass. The Chargers nearly beat the Jags last weekend and this game is in Cleveland. The Browns haven’t been THAT terrible at home and even if they lose by a TD, we still win this bet! I think this is a trap game for Jacksonville.

Those are my bets, good luck to everyone this weekend!

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