If you google “NFL Mock Drafts 2018” a multitude of mock drafts from ESPN, CBS, SI, The Ringer, and our own will appear giving you several scenario’s of how the draft will play out this weekend. Most mock’s have quarterbacks going in the top three; this would mark the first time since 1999 that it has happened. It makes sense has all three teams have quarterback needs, however I predict that the order of those teams will change before the draft is over. Saying that let’s get into the predictions:

  1. Cleveland will trade the overall number one pick: Five times in the history of the draft the number one pick was traded; most recently the Rams traded up to select Jered Goff. Cleveland has plenty of holes in the roster and in a quarterback rich draft the Browns trade down to a surprise team (Buffalo, Arizona, Denver) and accumulate additional picks in this years and next years draft. The Browns are not a player away from contending they are several players away from contending.
  2. Lamar Jackson slips in the draft: GM’s are torn between drafting Jackson has a quarterback or moving him to wide receiver. Jackson was the best player in college football the past two years (Yes, Baker Mayfeild won the Heisman last season, but Mayfeild also had arguably the best offensive line, and the best offensive coordinator in the country. Jackson had none of those). Jackson reminds me of Randal Cunningham. The game has changed considerably since Cunningham was in the league; more teams are merging more collegiate style plays into the playbook and that is exactly what Jackson did at Louisville the past two and half seasons.                                                        
  3. The Patriots will trade Gronk: Bill Belick has no qualms about releasing or trading away players that have helped the Patriots win the Super Bowls. Gronk is the best tight end in football when healthy, however given Gronk’s injury history and a lack of elite tightend prospects in this years draft Gronk it may be the perfect time for Bellicheck to trade away Gronk for a late first or second round pick.
  4. An Alabama offensive linemen and running back will go undrafted: Since Nick Saban took over at Alabama in 2007 the Crimson Tide have had either a running back or an offensive linemen drafted by round three at the latest. As it stands right now prospect Bo Scarborough is the 25th rated running back in this years class and projected to be a free agent. Bradley Bozeman is the Crimson Tide’s highest rated offensive line prospect and he too is projected to be a free agent as well. Remarkable for a team that runs the ball so well to not have elite talent at running back or on the offensive line.
  5. Jacksonville moves up to take a quarterback: Last season the Chiefs surprisingly moved up in the draft to select their quarterback of the future in Patrick Mahomes. Yes, Jacksonville just resigned Blake Bortles this offseason but if a quarterback like Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen starts to fall I believe Jacksonville swings a deal to move up and take one of those two.
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