The Minnesota Viking’s and their fans came into Philadelphia with a ton of confidence. Vikings fans even took over The Philadelphia Art Museum at one point before the game and decided to make a mockery of The Cities iconic Rocky Statue by dressing it in Vikings Skol garb. The Skol chant is a Viking’s fan celebration in which a Vikings fan makes an odd clap above their head while yelling Skol. It is not a fan celebration that will be heard in this year’s Super Bowl after The Philadelphia Eagle’s complete dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings in a 38 to 7 Eagles Conference Championship.

Image result for Vikings fans write Skol on Rocky statue

The Rocky Statue before The NFC Championship Game thanks to some excited and dare I say overconfident Minnesota Vikings Fans.

Vikings fans, and seemingly about 99 percent of all analysts, sports show hosts, writers, and about a dozen other forms of NFL experts ( Including a few of my colleges) already bestowed the NFC Championship Game Crown to the Vikings before the game took place between The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles today at 6:35 pm last evening. In fact days before The NFC Championship game, it seemed as if nobody other than myself and Matthew Hasselback even gave Philly a chance to win the NFC Championship Game and a trip to Super Bowl 52.

Philadelphia’s Rocky Statue after the Eagles defeated The Vikings in the NFC Championship Game to earn a trip to Super Bowl 52, and a chance to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Marice Jones-Drew from NFL network even went as far as to say that the Eagles had no chance and that Minnesota had every advantage in this contest ranging from Defense, Offense, Special Teams, Offensive and Defensive coordinators, and even gave Minnesota the edge at Head Coach. I guess someone forgot to tell the Philadelphia Eagles, their Head Coach Doug Pederson, their Defensive Coordinator Jim Swartz, Their Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich, The team’s defense, special teams, and especially QB Nick Foles and the rest of Philadelphia’s offense as they burnt the NFL’s no.1 ranked defense to the tune of 5 TDs.

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Now in defense of said experts (other than MJD who has become increasingly dull and annoying to me. Some Great players should never be given a microphone on NFL Network as they were better on the field in their primes than they’ve been predicting the outcomes of NFL football games.) Did anyone really expect Eagles backup QB Nick Foles to throw for 353 yards and 3 TDs while completing 26 of 33 passes? No Probably Not.

I thought that the Eagles would win The NFC Championship Game on the heels of their defense while posting decent offensive stats, and while The Eagles defense terrorized Vikings QB Case Keenum throughout most of the game en route to three turnovers it was indeed the Eagles offense that stepped on the jugular of The Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl hopes.

Now Philadelphia heads to Minnesota in a little less than two weeks to face the New England Patriots. If the Philadelphia Eagles play just half as well In Super Bowl 52 as they did against the Vikings In the NFC Championship Game I believe they will win their first NFL Championship since 1960. In my opinion, The Philadelphia Eagles have a great opportunity to hoist The Lombardi Trophy this year.  It will be a good game either way. More on that later.

Now for the Minnesota Vikings playoff hopes following their most recent playoff loss. The questions surrounding this team are many. Will the team resign star QB Case Keenum after he imploded in the biggest game of his career? Can WR Adam Theilen ever have another year like he had this season where he was easily a top 5 NFL WR? Can they compete in a division with the Packers, and a healthy Aaron Rodgers at the helm for Green Bay, as well as an always competitive Detriot Lions Squad? I personally don’t think they can. Being above .500 in that division let alone making the playoffs should prove a daunting task. That said NFL football is a highly unpredictable sport. Who for example would have thought The Philadelphia Eagles would be in this year’s Super Bowl with a good chance to win it at the beginning of this season? Probably just Mr. Colin Cowerd and myself. Perhaps the Vikings make an unlikely run in the years to come, but for now there’s no Skol in Super Bowl and likely will not be anytime soon.


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