Hey what the heck is going on? Bottom of the Barrel has now expanded into the world of NHL DFS? Well, believe it or not hockey is my first love! My favorite sport and favorite method of DFS! The first ever contest I entered on Fanduel back in 2010 was a hockey roster!

When it comes to daily fantasy sports the content can get it a little saturated right? Articles at every corner, dozens on each site. The daily fantasy sports community is booming. It has been for quite some time. Everybody seems to a professional at it these days right? Adding in their own two cents at every turn. It excites me! It has given me a chance to create Bottom of the Barrel for everyone!

I’m powerless how the DFS community will react to each article I write. Specifically the first edition B&B bonus DFS NHL stacks. However, I am in control of what is written in these articles and I must say I’m super grateful and thankful to be given the chance!

I mentioned balance and taking risk in B&B NFL wk 7 and writing this NHL article specifically is no different! I sat down and played the tape in my head. It went like this…

What’s the worst that could happen? I give good advice and it sparks great conversations based on NHL DFS? One of you uses my article along with other content and wins money? What if it sparks something in you, leading to a positive change or behavior?

I can live with all that! I’m ready for hockey today Friday October 20th 2017! I listed the date just incase this day goes down in infamy.

The Vancouver Canucks played in Boston last night and are in Buffalo tonight. I’m going heavy on the Sabers this evening!

BUF1 and/or BUF2

Jack Eichel/Evander Kane/Jason Pominville

Ryan O’Rielly/Justin Bailey/Kyle Okposo

The New Jersey Devils also played last night. They were in Ottawa. Tonight they travel home to face the Sharks. I’m liking San Jose this evening. It helps the Sharks are 6th in total shots on goal.

SJ1 and/or SJ2

Joe Thornton/Kevin Labanc/Joe Pavelski

Logan Coture/Tomas Hertl/Melker Karlsson

The Ducks are home vs. the 1-5-1 Canadians. Montreal has been outscored 12-6 in first periods this season. Out shot by 22 in the first period too. I expect a hot start early from the Ducks

ANA1 and/or ANA2

Rickard Rakell/Andrew Cogliano/Jakob Silverberg

Antoine Vermette/Corey Perry/Nick Ritchie

Well there it is, a few stacks and combinations I hope help. Much like NFL my research and rational is based on gut feelings. All the numbers can be crunched and data added up but I always trust my gut. Something I learned early on!

I make my NHL lines in a weird manner. Cover all the bases if you will. Check it out…

It’s an odd practice as you can see! I choose my favorite line then fill in the blanks along the way with other favorable lines! Happy hunting!

Any questions or comments are always welcomed!
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