As the daily fantasy sports community grows and becomes more diluted it gets harder to win. The bar for cash lines and tournament wins are at an all time high! Meaning, we all are setting the new normal. So much like our real lives we need adapt and overcome. What’s normal for one isn’t always what’s normal for the next.

I’ve replied to quite a few of your questions and comments regarding walking away, bowing out and never playing DFS again. Well, to answer all your questions in one fell swoop I say this. First off, that’s quite extreme. You’re only playing yourself. You’ll have another lineup this evening and twenty seven over the weekend. I do get it though! Putting your all into something, trying so hard and not seeing any results.

I’ll admit it. I have an odd way of going about DFS but it seemingly works. The way I research, the content I read and the way I put pen to paper. There’s only one constant though. I never quit. I always keep it going and I push ahead. What’s normal for me isn’t normal for you. My point is this, find your normal!

Today, October 27th 2017 there are six games on the NHL schedule. Make no mistake, this is where our bread is buttered. You and I are still going through the process of feeling each other out NHL content wise right? So as always I’ll be as honest with you as I can.

There are four lines I like this evening. Mixed and matched together OR stacked with those high powered/highly owned lines could spell success. Lets start the weekend off right!

New Jersey Devils line 1

Nico Hischier/Taylor Hall/Drew Stafford

First game away from home for OTT in ten days. NJ hasn’t played in a week! This is the second game of back to back for OTT. NJ1 will come out flying! Hall also sees heavy minutes on the power play while the other two lead the PP2 attack.

St. Louis Blues line 2

Paul Stastny/Alexander Steen/Vladimir Sobotka

Do I think STL1 has a better chance shot of going nuts tonight in CAR? Yes of course, but with hockey I always do the opposite of what I initially think. This line did some damage Wednesday home vs. CGY, I expect more of the same tonight! Not to mention exposure to BOTH power play 1 AND 2!

Calgary Flames line 2

Mikael Backlund/Matthew Tkachuk/Michael Frolik

For starters this may be one of my favorite lines in hockey. They lost at home vs. STL Wednesday but accounted for all the scoring. Backlund is centering this line while Tkachuk is raking up the assists. Add in all the shots Frolik is taking and you’ve got one hell of a line. While everyone is paying up for DAL1 in this contest you’ll be enjoying some awesome salary relief! Can you say bang for the buck?

Nashville Predators line 3

Colton Sissons/Craig Smith/Kevin Fiala

The cheapest of lines is heading into Chicago tonight. This game has all the makings of a heavyweight slugfest. What’s the harm in sneaking in a line with a total cost of $10,600 that combined for 9 shots Tuesday? The upside mixed with the salary relief is too great to pass up.

If you’re like me a medium sized NHL slate on a Friday is just the release I need in advance of the weekend! Trust the process! Meaning, be confident in your research and your decision making!

Here’s an example of what I’m working with…

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