Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said in a press conference that he had no desire to go after newly released free agent wideout Jeremy Maclin.

Maclin is a former Eagle and played under Pederson while with the Kansas City Chiefs.

But, to many fans dismay, the Eagles will pass. Thankfully. Wait, what? Yes. I said thankfully.

The Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in the offseason. The Eagles drafted wideouts, Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson. The Eagles also have a plethora of undrafted free agents trying to make the team at the position. Not to forget Jordan Mathews and Nelson Agholor who are the veterans of the group.

None of the above-mentioned players are coming off an ACL injury that led to their worst statistical season in the NFL. Maclin is.

Call me petty, but Maclin left the Eagles in free agency didn’t he? Andy Reid even got in trouble for tampering with Maclin before the free agency period. Didn’t Maclin leave Philly for a mere $1m difference in money?

So yeah, I’m salty. But I’m not the only one either. Some Eagles fans just like to live in the past, we had a great team taken away from us too soon and many want desperately to get the band back together. These same fans were the loudest ones when DeSean Jackson was on the market too. The same fans who swore the Buffalo Bills would cut LeSean McCoy this offseason.

Sorry, but that time is passed. DeSean went to Tampa Bay, Maclin isn’t coming back and McCoy is still a Bill. That old Eagles team is no more.

But tell me this, what did that old team with all those players mentioned above win? A Superbowl? No. No, they didn’t. They were Philadelphia’s favorite sons, but they aren’t icons.

Embrace the future. Stop living in the past.

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