Here we go, finally, Super Bowl 52 is almost here!

So finally the Super Bowl has arrived. What are we looking for? Well, first and foremost any true fan is glad that this thing actually should pan out to be a close game. History tells us that. Look back at the last ten or so, they have been way more entertaining than some of the duds we’ve had in the 90’s and early two thousands. Even last year one was thinking that “oh my God”the Pats are for sure gonna lose this one, down 28-3, then all the sudden they came alive, Brady was magic, and there it was, greatness on display…. This year I love how Nick Foles has silenced the critics. When Carson Wentz went down, it seemed like the Philly faithful were doomed. How can we forget that Foles is good, and can be really good. Remember that season, his year-end stat line, 28 TDs 2 picks, this was under the Chip Kelly run offense. These numbers are exciting people, if he can get into the mindset of no turnovers, the sky is the limit for the Eagles. The roster is loaded with talent on Philly, more so than the Pats. It really comes down to who believes more in their abilities. The experience factor is so skewed towards New England that I just want to pick the Patriots by default.

I’d like to think that their will be lots of offense in this one. The total is set at 48 right now on most betting sites. I can see Foles going deep here in there while mixing in some runs that can feature a three-headed monster approach with, Ajayi, Blount, and Clement.If there was a weakness to the Patriots, it’s the defensive core. It could be a back and forth kinda game. Pats are loaded on offense as well, Gronk is good to go for this one. We know Brady likes to spread the ball around, Amendola will produce, Cooks has been great and consistent all year. If the Pats fall behind early like they have in recent Super Bowls, especially first quarter, look for Belichick and Brady to dissect like they have in so many of these crucial contests.

So for a final score, I’ll take the Pats, 34-30.


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