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Well, Round 1 went pretty much to the chalk. We had one minor upset with five seed Kevin Durant over four seed Kawhi Leonard. We had two very tight races that literally came down to the wire. James Harden edging out Anthony Davis 51%-to-49% and Master Chief edging out Pikachu by the same margin. As “unexciting” as Round 1 was, Round 2 has some great matchups; we have everything from current teammates to former teammates that don’t get along anymore, we have two of the biggest badasses in the comic world going head to head, and two Nintendo giants looking to reign supreme. Let’s take a look at…

The Sweet 16 Matchups

(1) LeBron James vs (2) James Harden

Four-time MVP LeBron James matching up with the favorite to win the MVP in 2016-17′, what more could you ask for. Harden is leading the league in assists his year and has his Rockets as the three seed in the West. James on the other hand, it’s business as usual. The Cavs have the No. 1 seed in the East and are clear favorites to make the Finals again this year.

(1) Aaron Rodgers vs (2) Tom Brady

No longer “arguably” the best QB to ever play the game, Tom Brady, draws a matchup with Aaron Rodgers, the QB many consider the best in the game currently. Brady is coming off yet another Super Bowl victory while Aaron Rodgers has yet to get back after winning his first in 2011. If these two were to ever meet in a Super Bowl, it could go down as the greatest QB matchup in Super Bowl history.

(1) Link vs (2) Mario

Two of the most well-known video game characters of all-time and both hailing from video game giant Nintendo. Both of these guys have been around since the 80s, and now they get to match up head-to-head and see, once and for all, who is the Nintendo king.

(1) Batman vs (2) Superman

They are two of the oldest and most recognizable comic book characters of all-time. From movies to TV shows, the number of renditions these two characters have gone through is rivaled by none. As stand-alone characters, these two couldn’t be more different. Superman is an alien from another planet that is superior to humans in every way and must “dress down” to blend in, while Batman has no superpowers and, besides being a billionaire, is a normal human being that “dresses up” to become — The Batman.

(3) Russell Westbrook vs (5) Kevin Durant

This is the matchup every basketball fan wants to see. Former teammates turned enemies, Durant and Westbrook’s friendship turned rivalry is all anyone wants to talk about in the NBA. There is a chance we could see this matchup in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs, but for now, we will settle on this.

(3) Antonio Brown vs (4) Le’Veon Bell

From former teammates to current teammates, Bell and Brown make up two parts of the Pittsburg Steelers big three. They are arguably the most dynamic players at their respective positions and as a tandem, maybe the best WR/RB combo in the entire league.

(3) Sonic vs (4) Master Chief

The only Round 2 matchup that has very little history or intrigue from a narrative standpoint. Sonic is a relic from Sega’s heyday while Master Chief helped put the Xbox on the map in the early 2000s.

(3) Deadpool vs (4) Wolverine

Two of the biggest badasses in all of comicdom. One is a wisecracking loudmouth while the other can seemingly go hours without talking. If these two were to ever really fight (and maybe they have, we will have to ask the guys at ClashoftheNerds that) it would be the longest fight in the history of comics. Both have the healing factor as their “superpower”.

Without further ado, it is time to vote on who will advacnce to the Elite 8…

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